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Are you a working woman looking for a way to align your values with how you spend your time and energy?

We’re so glad you’re here, sister. The Rise Collective is a community of women stepping into their roles in service of the Sacred Feminine and Mother Earth.

When you were growing up, did you have colorful dreams and visions of the exciting life and career you would have after college? Did you sense that you could do anything?

But when you graduated from college and entered the workforce, did you meet a stark reality that required you to sideline many of your dreams in order to be a functional adult with a 9–5 job, health insurance, and a 401k?

As the years go on, do you notice that you’re increasingly tired, challenged by a difficult or stale work environment, and wonder where the real you has gone? Perhaps you are increasingly escaping with drugs, drinking, sugar, caffeine, shopping or people that bring you even farther down?

But you don’t know what to do differently or how to get out of this pattern and back to your more vibrant, creative and hopeful life.

You’re in the right place. In Rise & Shine, our 60-day program, you will…

Discover what pleasure, sensuality, and trust feel like in your body and transform your tired and trapped energy so you can connect your vibrant self. When you re-learn your own inner body wisdom, you’ll see clearly the many choices for your life and career. You will no longer need to use escape mechanisms to numb your pain.

Learn new ways to wash off the stark corporate reality from your day with simple and powerful techniques that reconnect you with the wisdom of earth’s rhythms and cycles, so that you can liberate the magic and creativity back in your everyday life.

Confront the shadows and patterns in your past that caused you to let go of your dreams in order to be an “adult,” so that you can step into your own version of adulthood that is not shaped by others’ or society’s expectations. Through a Rites of Wisdom ritual with your Sisters, you’ll become the vibrant, creative and hopeful you again.

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