Create a new habit in 5 minutes a day

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new habit in 5 minutes per day
What do you want to begin but have not yet? What new habits do you want to create? Start it for 5 minutes and see what happens.
When I don’t want to exercise, I tell myself I only have to do 5 minutes. Usually I get in a groove and don’t want to stop, whether it’s yoga, running, walking, writing, drawing…5 minutes is such a low level of commitment that it seems easy and doesn’t overwhelm me. It helps create a new habit.
I recently set up my painting supplies so that I can paint for 5 minutes per day.
What would it be like to set aside 5 minutes to do all the things you love? 5 minutes here to begin the day on my knees in prayer. 5 minutes there to paint. 5 minutes there to take a walk. It will inevitably end up becoming a longer time commitment because all of these activities are flow activities. 
That means that when you start to do them, you start to get in a flow, and the next step seems easy and comes naturally.
What are you going to devote 5 minutes to this week?

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