How to create a soul-aligned brand and business: A new look for The Rise Collective

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how to create a soul aligned brand

When I founded The Rise Collective three-ish years ago, it was a creation that hit me like a ton of bricks and insisted that it needed to be born right away. I didn’t know exactly what it was and struggled to write words on a page. I rushed through branding and slapped up my favorite colors and a heart to represent the frequency of love, 528 Hertz, the most harmonious vibration. I started writing and connecting with women.

Recently we rebranded in a much more thoughtful process in order to honor what we are truly about: Raising the vibration of the planet to 528 Hertz by honoring the cycles of the feminine body and the cycles of the earth.

It’s about creating a new paradigm of what it looks like to be a modern woman: A modern woman who is fully self-expressed, embodied, and connected with the power of her womb and the heartbeat of the earth.

This mood board helped me to identify what we are really about from a visual perspective.

Branding mood board

The logo is inspired by this beautiful image of Shakti, which has been in my consciousness for many moons. A dear sister, Heather Dakota A.K.A. MoonBear did a shamanic journey on my behalf a couple of years ago and told me that the triangle and circle shape came through as my symbol. It didn’t make sense until I realized that the rebrand was on the horizon.

There are so many meanings baked into this little icon. The flower shape represents the feminine and mother earth, the beauty and abundance she gives us every day. It also represents the Beauty Way of leaving beauty behind wherever we go in offerings to the earth and Spirit. The circle represents the hoops and cycles of life; The triangle represents both the earth element and the womb space; The heart needed to be included for high vibrations and healing energies;  Shakti is of course one of the most important goddesses in Hinduism. She is a divine cosmic energy (as we all are!) and she represents the feminine; she is responsible for creation and change (or destruction). She is the mother goddess of fertility, a fierce and strong warrior, and the dark goddess of destruction.

The earthy jewel tones and new color palette communicates the organic and natural connection with the earth.

It feels great to be more aligned with the visuals of the brand and we hope that you like it too.

Please visit to find out how I can support you in your business’ design and marketing.

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