How to become a morning person

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morning person

My whole life I have been a night owl, and wished I were a morning person. When I was a kid my mom used to have to come in my room or yell up the stairs to me to wake up about 10 times per morning. That poor woman!!

A few years ago I tried to start a habit of going for a run when I first woke up for about a week. It made me feel like vomiting on a daily basis. So I accepted that I am just not one of those people who works out in the morning. What can I say, I  love my beauty sleep and sleeping in.

I have struggled to wake up in the morning and have read so many “life hacker” articles about “how to become a morning person.” To no avail, I have earned the title “morning monster.”

Technology to the rescue

Well, my fellow morning monsters, I found an amazing app that has changed my morning monster tendencies in just a few days. It is called Sleep Cycle. It is an alarm clock app that tracks your sleeping patterns. The app wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase with a gentle and soothing alarm.

The impact of being a morning person

It may sound dramatic to say this has changed my life. I woke up at 5:30 AM the past 3 days, enjoyed breakfast and made lunch, and was actually able to catch the bus 2 buses ahead of my normal bus. Waking up at 5:30 would have sounded almost impossible, and definitely unpleasant to me two weeks ago.

I highly recommend it as a way to wake up refreshed and ready to create a beautiful day!

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    Very helpful in daily living! All of it!