Dreaming the big dream in 2017

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The other night an intimate group in our community held a sacred activism phone call together to dream the big dream together and co-create a vision for our world.

Here is the vision that we came up with:

Imagine a world where we show our sweet and tender hearts
Imagine a world where we choose love instead of fear
Imagine a world where we are moved by right action
Imagine a world where we are concerned with the wellbeing of our neighbors
Imagine a world where everyone is safe and prospers
Imagine a world where all nations are respected
Imagine a world where we treasure and protect our children and their futures.
Imagine a world where individuals look inward and ask themselves what is right and wrong
Imagine a world where we can look beyond external influences
Imagine a world where we think about what the earth wants
Imagine a world where we consider all lives valuable
Imagine a world where plants and animals are as important as human life
Imagine a world where everyone is considered
Imagine a world where all voices are important
Imagine a world where decision-making is balanced and considers all world-views
Imagine a world where the streets are clean
Imagine a world where all of our waste is created into something new
Imagine a world where everyone has clean drinking water
Imagine a world where we treasure water and consider it to be as important as gold
Imagine a world where we listen to the plants and animals and what they are asking us to do
Imagine a world where the veil is thinner because we are conscious beings and we can perceive what’s going on in the other realms
Imagine a world where our hearts connect and we are constantly aware of that connection
Imagine a world where we are constantly aware of our connection to the web of life
Imagine a world where we consider our connection before we make every decision
Imagine a world where women are empowered
Imagine a world where men are empowered
Imagine a world where all children are treasured and their safety is of paramount importance
We decided to hold these calls quarterly, so if you would like to be part of it, please send me an email and I will include you!
Here is the sacred activism worksheet, which helps outline how we will be of service this year.


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2017 Life Design Planner

What does it mean to live life on purpose?

Consider how much is automated in our lives: We have every piece of information in the world at our very fingertips. We can order anything we want on the internet. We can schedule paying our bills. We can get food delivered. Many of us get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it again the next day.

Automation is convenient until it becomes monotony.

With big dreams and intentional, conscious living, we can break out of the ORDINARY mold. All you have to do is set an intention and the universe will take care of HOW.

That’s why my motto is the Phish line, “The trick is to surrender to the flow.” It isn’t easy to surrender to the FLOW and TRUST life, trust Spirit, because we have our own plans and ideas of how things SHOULD unfold. But when we surrender to Spirit’s guidance, MAGIC happens.

When I look at my list of “100 adventures” in my Life Design Planner, I am pretty amazed at all of the amazing things I created for myself this year, and I’m sitting with what I want to create in 2017 in my life, my business, and my partnership.

Today over lunch in Thailand, a friend asked, “has this been the best year of your life?” At first I thought, YES! Then I remembered how shitty the first half of the year was.

The point isn’t that it was the “best year of your life,” but how much have you learned? How have you evolved? How far have you come? It is so FUN and INSPIRING to look back each month, quarter, and year to review what has happened and re-evaluate where you are going. This process really LIGHTS ME UP personally, and I love enabling others to do the same!

The point is TRANSFORMATION. Transformation can be amazing, and it can really suck. If we design our lives to be full of supportive community and experiences, every step of the way can be beautiful in its own way.

Get your 2017 planner and CREATE your transformative year.

This ain’t no dress rehearsal, honey!

Taking responsibility for the state of our world in 2017

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Many shamanic cultures believe that reality exists as a result of the Big Dream of the Cosmos. The Cosmos have dreamt you and I into existence. All of creation is like a spider web of life that connects everything (all our relations…our ancestors, our descendants, the standing nation, the plant nation, the two leggeds, the winged ones, and all the creatures in between). YOU are a dream, and you are dreaming your…and our reality into existence. WE are collectively dreaming OUR reality into existence.

So, what are you dreaming? Let’s change our dream to change our reality. One of the many responsibilities of being a spiritual and mature adult is to pay attention to what our dreams (conscious and unconscious) are creating. Let’s dream a new reality and co-create it through consistent action. This is sacred activism. When we align with the flow of life and the Big Dream, what can unfold?

On the heels of the 2017 Life Design Planner launch, there is a strong need in our global community for light bringers. We can use this smaller-scale planner to commit to the spiritual adult responsibility of sacred activism in 2017. The unfolding of the U.S. election, the person chosen for Secretary of State (CEO of Exxon Mobil), Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline, among many other challenges in our current 3-D reality have shown us the dark shadow that lives in our society. How did we dream this nightmare?

My theory is that part of the dream that we have been dreaming is that some parts of ourselves and our society are not acceptable so we need to hide them.

The shadow is a Jungian concept: shadow is a part of us that we don’t accept. It’s something that isn’t accepted by our society (greediness; anger; judgement), so we stuff those parts of ourselves in a closet for years and years, pretending they don’t exist. Not surprisingly, the shadow becomes more mangled because it is unloved. We can love all parts of ourselves. What happens when we simply notice our inner shadow is there and ackowledge it?

One example is the example of racism. In our society, it is not really ok to say “I am racist.” You will be scolded and shamed for being racist. Of course racism is a reality in our society and has been for a very, very long time. But we haven’t talked about it in quite a while. Some people reading this post will be triggered that I am even talking about it.

TV shows have a token black person and advertisements feature racially ambiguous people in order to be inclusive, and it seems like it’s all good.

In the past few years, the shadow of racism has come out of the closet and the shadow is right in front of our faces. Black people are targeted and murdered by police, many would say incarceration of black men is an epidemic, and black children have disproportionately less opportunity in education than other races.

It is time to embrace the shadow. Especially when we are caught in a strong “us versus them” narrative in the U.S. at the moment, the contrast of dark and light is grossly apparent.

Many have felt like outcasts because they are shamed, called stupid or ignorant when they admit that they are racist or that they like guns. Some people finally feel they have been given permission to say the hateful things that have been stuffed in the closet for years—because the president says hateful things.

Let’s examine how we can relate to these views. What part of yourself is greedy? What part of yourself is racist? What part of yourself wants to take advantage of others? Dive into the depths of the shadow. Help others explore their shadow with deep listening skills and curiosity. 

We carry the medicine for these times. We are the light bringers, the dreamers, the love warriors. It is our responsibility to use our voices and be active participants in our communities, and to DREAM A NEW DREAM. This worksheet will help guide you on your sacred path. Even better, gather your brothers and sisters together to fill our these worksheets together so that you can dream the same dream.

Remember your power and remember that you’re not alone. Your brothers and sisters are alongside you dreaming the same dream for how wonderful the world can be.

As Trevor Hall says, “Darkness has its teachings. Love is never leaving.” Be the light and be the love. I love you

If you want to be in on our sacred activism group call in early Jan 2016, shoot me an email that says “DREAM THE BIG DREAM” by January 2 and I’ll send you the info.

Download the Sacred Activism Worksheet

Information integration for book worms

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A wisdom keeper is hungry for wisdom, that’s for sure! As a former book-devourer myself, I see lots of people in our conscious community reading a lot of the same books. Are we really taking in the information as part of our being, or just parroting what we read? In the video I talk about how to integrate the information we learn as wisdom keepers.

People ask me how I retain what I learn and what I read. People ask me how I know so much about digital marketing, how I learned about social media, how I learned to market and launch my business. It’s from trying things, experimenting, and then trying more things. It’s from physically doing the actions, being who I want to be, and finding out what works, instead of just thinking about it or planning.

Taking action, trying things that don’t work, and still trying it again requires the courage to “fail.”

This doesn’t just apply to business. It applies even more-so to life. It applies to how I have created space in my community to practice releasing my repressed childhood emotion: from doing it and being witnessed. From being emotional.

It applies to how I set boundaries: saying the words in a messy way, getting feedback, and trying again next time.

It applies to my spiritual life: I take note of what actions and patterns feel good to me. I take note of the guidance that comes through and if I asked for it or just followed my gut.

I talk about this experiential way of learning in this video.

The Rise Collective’s Moon Magic program is an experiential nature-based program to help women step into their roles in their communities.

Speaking of books, get your wisdom keeper’s resource list here:

Yoga for men and women: What’s the diff?

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womens yoga

Yoga is very different for women and for men. Why? Because we have different bodies. We have different ways of dealing with life. We have different ways of showing up. In the video I talk about the specific differences and how you can create a feminine practice to connect with your womb and your femininity.

Respecting the elements: Water

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This leaf gathering drops reminded me just how sacred water is. It’s easy to take it for granted because it flows so easily through our faucets. So much water is wasted in our society… Building a relationship with the four elements invites a lot of gratitude.

I often thank the water while I’m showering. When I fill my water bottle at the water cooler I wait until the water stops dripping to remove my bottle from the spout. When I forget to empty my bottle before going through TSA.. I chug the water. It absolutely breaks my heart to see people dumping precious water in the trash at the airport.

All the ways we respect Water help us build a relationship with the element and brings the elemental qualities into our lives. How do you show your respect for Water?

Halloween Ritual

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Halloween, or Samhain as we call it for cross-quarter holidays, is a sacred day where we honor our ancestors. We honor their wisdom, we honor our oldest ancestors, the elements (air, fire, water, earth) because we are made of them. We are made of the DNA of our ancestors and they have passed their traumas, their lessons, and their stories to us. They watch over us and walk with us supporting us.

Today is also the new moon in scorpio, a perfect time for setting intentions and letting go of what no longer serves us. We can set personal intentions and we can set intentions for peaceful co-creation together, as we co-create this world.

Today and every day I pray for Standing Rock and for a peaceful solution where the Sioux people may have their sacred land restored to them and the sacred water source of the river they are protecting. We can pray for the Water Protectors are to #DanceForStandingRock: while you dance, say the mantra, “I dance for standing rock.”

When we pray together, we create a force, a vortex, and we amplify the prayers.

We know that Spirit is listening because the buffalo herd showed up at Standing Rock a few days ago.

So, there is a lot to pray for today, October 30! Watch the video for more :)


Why visualization doesn’t always work

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When we are manifesting things that we want, we often try to visualize the outcome we are hoping for. But sometimes visualizing creates friction if we know that something isn’t going to turn out that way. Here’s how you can make sure you still get what you want!

Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life!

Tell me in the comments: How do you intend to feel?

Recalibrating your body, recalibrating your life

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When we pay attention to somatics and observe how our bodies feel in certain situations and moments, we are able to adjust and make changes. We might be able to embody new practices and in the process, create a new body with new habits and actions.

For example, when we catch ourselves slouching, we can notice how we feel in those moments, and then take an action to shift our stance, and in doing so, we also shift our mood or shift our perspective. Over time, or maybe in no time at all, this can change how we approach our lives; with confidence and embodiment, with curiosity and perhaps courage to face the unknown.

In the video, I explain why somatics are important, and of course, why babies are so flexible.

Check out the soundcloud meditations I mentioned here.


Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life!

Medicine keepers of the city

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I was getting off the bus and getting my mail, pondering the medicine keepers of the city. It can be a challenge to be a medicine keeper in the city. We belong in the wilderness. We want to live in the backcountry, maybe in a cabin deep in the woods or the mountains with a fire burning and a slower lifestyle with lots of room for the sacred.

Yet we show up where we are needed in the mainstream. We are needed in the cities as intermediaries between the land and the community. We are teachers, healers, light warriors. We tirelessly make room for the sacred where there appears to be no room at all for the sacred.

I was feeling a bit sad that I have to look harder for the magic in the concrete jungle. And then I *noticed* the bees buzzing and among the flowers of this Russian sage bush.

The magic, right there in front of me, in the middle of the city.

And I realize I don’t have to look very hard at all. It’s in the weeds growing up through the cracks in the concrete and the call of the crows talking to me. All we need to do is let go of the distractions, tune in, and *notice* the magic, it is always there for us.