Information integration for book worms

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A wisdom keeper is hungry for wisdom, that’s for sure! As a former book-devourer myself, I see lots of people in our conscious community reading a lot of the same books. Are we really taking in the information as part of our being, or just parroting what we read? In the video I talk about how to integrate the information we learn as wisdom keepers.

People ask me how I retain what I learn and what I read. People ask me how I know so much about digital marketing, how I learned about social media, how I learned to market and launch my business. It’s from trying things, experimenting, and then trying more things. It’s from physically doing the actions, being who I want to be, and finding out what works, instead of just thinking about it or planning.

Taking action, trying things that don’t work, and still trying it again requires the courage to “fail.”

This doesn’t just apply to business. It applies even more-so to life. It applies to how I have created space in my community to practice releasing my repressed childhood emotion: from doing it and being witnessed. From being emotional.

It applies to how I set boundaries: saying the words in a messy way, getting feedback, and trying again next time.

It applies to my spiritual life: I take note of what actions and patterns feel good to me. I take note of the guidance that comes through and if I asked for it or just followed my gut.

I talk about this experiential way of learning in this video.

The Rise Collective’s Moon Magic program is an experiential nature-based program to help women step into their roles in their communities.

Speaking of books, get your wisdom keeper’s resource list here:

Yoga for men and women: What’s the diff?

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womens yoga

Yoga is very different for women and for men. Why? Because we have different bodies. We have different ways of dealing with life. We have different ways of showing up. In the video I talk about the specific differences and how you can create a feminine practice to connect with your womb and your femininity.

Respecting the elements: Water

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This leaf gathering drops reminded me just how sacred water is. It’s easy to take it for granted because it flows so easily through our faucets. So much water is wasted in our society… Building a relationship with the four elements invites a lot of gratitude.

I often thank the water while I’m showering. When I fill my water bottle at the water cooler I wait until the water stops dripping to remove my bottle from the spout. When I forget to empty my bottle before going through TSA.. I chug the water. It absolutely breaks my heart to see people dumping precious water in the trash at the airport.

All the ways we respect Water help us build a relationship with the element and brings the elemental qualities into our lives. How do you show your respect for Water?

Halloween Ritual

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Halloween, or Samhain as we call it for cross-quarter holidays, is a sacred day where we honor our ancestors. We honor their wisdom, we honor our oldest ancestors, the elements (air, fire, water, earth) because we are made of them. We are made of the DNA of our ancestors and they have passed their traumas, their lessons, and their stories to us. They watch over us and walk with us supporting us.

Today is also the new moon in scorpio, a perfect time for setting intentions and letting go of what no longer serves us. We can set personal intentions and we can set intentions for peaceful co-creation together, as we co-create this world.

Today and every day I pray for Standing Rock and for a peaceful solution where the Sioux people may have their sacred land restored to them and the sacred water source of the river they are protecting. We can pray for the Water Protectors are to #DanceForStandingRock: while you dance, say the mantra, “I dance for standing rock.”

When we pray together, we create a force, a vortex, and we amplify the prayers.

We know that Spirit is listening because the buffalo herd showed up at Standing Rock a few days ago.

So, there is a lot to pray for today, October 30! Watch the video for more :)


Why visualization doesn’t always work

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When we are manifesting things that we want, we often try to visualize the outcome we are hoping for. But sometimes visualizing creates friction if we know that something isn’t going to turn out that way. Here’s how you can make sure you still get what you want!

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Tell me in the comments: How do you intend to feel?

Recalibrating your body, recalibrating your life

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When we pay attention to somatics and observe how our bodies feel in certain situations and moments, we are able to adjust and make changes. We might be able to embody new practices and in the process, create a new body with new habits and actions.

For example, when we catch ourselves slouching, we can notice how we feel in those moments, and then take an action to shift our stance, and in doing so, we also shift our mood or shift our perspective. Over time, or maybe in no time at all, this can change how we approach our lives; with confidence and embodiment, with curiosity and perhaps courage to face the unknown.

In the video, I explain why somatics are important, and of course, why babies are so flexible.

Check out the soundcloud meditations I mentioned here.


Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life!

Medicine keepers of the city

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I was getting off the bus and getting my mail, pondering the medicine keepers of the city. It can be a challenge to be a medicine keeper in the city. We belong in the wilderness. We want to live in the backcountry, maybe in a cabin deep in the woods or the mountains with a fire burning and a slower lifestyle with lots of room for the sacred.

Yet we show up where we are needed in the mainstream. We are needed in the cities as intermediaries between the land and the community. We are teachers, healers, light warriors. We tirelessly make room for the sacred where there appears to be no room at all for the sacred.

I was feeling a bit sad that I have to look harder for the magic in the concrete jungle. And then I *noticed* the bees buzzing and among the flowers of this Russian sage bush.

The magic, right there in front of me, in the middle of the city.

And I realize I don’t have to look very hard at all. It’s in the weeds growing up through the cracks in the concrete and the call of the crows talking to me. All we need to do is let go of the distractions, tune in, and *notice* the magic, it is always there for us.

How to choose the media you consume

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how the media you consume impacts emotional state

Daily life can be full of trauma. Especially living in the crazy city of Denver at the moment I see people committing micro-aggressions on a consistent basis, through rudeness, crudeness, unkind words, and even physical aggression. A few months ago someone downtown was chasing people around hitting them with a PVC pipe…yeah. People be crazy.

There are times when we just can’t handle any more darkness at the end of the day. Noticing this is an act of self care. Yes, we need to be active members of society and stand up when bad things are happening instead of ignoring it…Like when a man on the bus a few weeks ago kept on shouting the N word and I told him it was not OK to say. He ignored me and kept shouting it. But at least I said something. Complicity is its own monster.

I have created a “No Dark Diet” in order to make more room for joy and laughter, and to limit the amount of stress and darkness that comes into my psyche. Even small events or activities cause stress to build up and become stored in the body as tension, discomfort, anxiety, and general dis-ease. Some “darkness” is of course necessary because there is no light without darkness, but most stress is unnecessary and it’s best to avoid it when possible.

This is the No Dark Diet:

  • No dark movies or shows. Often these disturb me or make me feel anxious while I am watching and after I have finished watching. Instead I make room for laughter and joy by watching comedies and feel great while I’m watching.
  • Not hanging around dark people. Shutting down negativity in conversation. Instead, talking about feelings, goals, improvements, solutions, celebrations.
  • Listening to uplifting music, because it makes me happy and makes me want to dance. Dancing always shifts my mood.
  • Reading uplifting books, because the media I consume creates and inspires the ideas and thoughts that go through my mind.
  • Tempering consumption of media- only reading news that is accurate, not sensationalized. Because I don’t care to hear about The Donald talking about his penis on the Republican debate. I know he’s ridiculous. I don’t need to know more about his ridiculousness. I’d rather debrief from a trusted source (e.g. NPR) than endure stupidity first-hand or listen to pundits argue about it.
  • Weeding out social media friends who are inflammatory or who trigger or annoy you. Because social media is supposed to be fun and inspiring!
  • Fixing things that annoy you (for example, changing a dead lightbulb, or getting a new bag when your zipper breaks). Every annoyance creates stress piled on stress. Instead, having things run smoothly cuts down on unnecessary stress and makes life easier. Also, automating annoying tasks (like paying bills automagically instead of having to remember the due date every month) is a miracle!

All of these tactics improve my outlook. The parts of our psyche that we feed grow. I want to feed myself loving and inspiring media and ideas. What’s part of your No Dark Diet?

Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life!

Missing something doesn’t always mean you wish for it

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Usually when I say I miss something it means I want more of it. When I tell my far-away friends “I miss you” usually it means “I wish I could be in your presence on a regular basis.” It means that I am wishing for something other than what is.

But sometimes when we miss something it means that it was meaningful to us.

Sometimes I miss living in Seattle—I miss the plants, the rain, the Puget Sound…I appreciate all of the transformations I underwent while living in Seattle, but that doesn’t mean I should live there again.

That it was a meaningful experience doesn’t always mean we need to go back to being in those circumstances, but rather that we appreciate that it happened. It means that the experience or the circumstance shaped our lives in some way. It means we value those people, that place, that experience.

When we are living in the present moment instead of the past or the present, we have fewer things to be anxious about. We are ready to accept what happens more readily, we are flowing with what happens for us instead of trying to compare to the past or plan for the future.

When we approach each moment as just that moment rather than missing something that was (living in the past), we are more able to accept death. Not necessarily physical death of a body, but rather the natural cycles of life.

We are able to accept the death of that moment, as we move on to something else. We are able to accept when we are let go from a relationship, and we are able to see when it is time for us to let go of a relationship that is no longer serving us–That kind of death. It doesn’t matter if it’s the death of a relationship with a person, a job, a substance, a habit, it could be anything. Maybe it doesn’t serve me to stay up late at night anymore but now I won’t be able to read for hours each night. It’s time to let go of that habit and move on to something new. That is a small death.

When we live in this way we are subtly acknowledging the impermanence of our lives, our relationships, our circumstances. When we recognize the magic of the present moment and when we flow with what life is serving to us, we invite The Trickster into our lives.

The archetype of The Trickster smashes the structures and the lifestyle that we have created for ourselves. The Trickster will bother with us when we can recognize him at work, and see that he is breaking into our subconscious to trip up what we have systematically created for ourselves.

If we weren’t able to accept the little deaths before; if we are missing something or wishing for something, or even forcing something, rather than simply accepting how things are, The Trickster will help us as he smashes and kills our well-laid plans.

For example, sometimes we wish a circumstance would arise that just isn’t happening. We’re forcing it. Instead, we can recognize that this isn’t going to work and isn’t serving us, and let go of the idea. When we let go, another door opens.

The Trickster will remind us that we are not always in control; we can’t force something to happen that we are wishing for. The Trickster will remind us that there are possibilities in our lives beyond what we have considered for ourselves. The Trickster is a pain in the ass…but he is very wise.

It is a special strength that we demonstrate when we are able to roll with The Trickster’s punches, to see the impermanence of everything, and to move through life’s cycles with grace, appreciating what we have experienced instead of wanting something back…and accepting what is. Where has The Trickster been showing up in your life?

It’s a hot mess back here

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We all compare ourselves to others–it is human. With social media, we are all able to highlight the amazing parts of our lives. This is a beautiful thing because we are grateful…but it also gives us an unrealistic view of life when we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see only the beauty in peoples’ lives.

At lunch last week with a business consort and sister-friend who always seems to have it all together, she confessed that she has been stressed and wanting to get a backup source of income. I observed how we never know what is going on with someone behind the scenes, and she said that people often are impressed with all she has accomplished lately. They tell her how successful she is. She said, “I think, ‘Really? Cuz it’s a hot mess back here.'”

Recently fellow business owners have been reaching out far more in collaboration. How can we work together? How can we make things easier for one another, support one another in our zones of genius, complement one another’s skills? Many of us have similar missions to be of service in the world and it is far easier to do so together.

If we are willing to admit when “it’s a hot mess back here” instead of pretending it’s all gravy to seem successful, we can ask for help and get the help we need.

When we are up front about what we are healing or working on, discussing what we are in the process of learning can often spark someone else’s self-discovery. Now that is being of service to the world.

Here’s to truth telling!