Body Bliss Bootcamp is back!

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Imagine feeling joyful, flexible, strong, and healthy on a daily basis; Create an EASY health routine that folds into your life and makes you feel happy and joyful, without the guilt, shame, and deprivation of cleanses and diets.

How could this make your life easier? How would you like to feel more connected? How could this help you feel the way you want to feel every day?

I developed the Body Bliss Bootcamp program (edit: Now Body Bliss Bootcamp is part of Moon Magic!) while I was going to the mountain last year, because I was purifying my body, treating myself delicately and lovingly. I was committed to myself, and I was noticing that SOOO many more messages were coming through when I was in this heightened state of “body bliss”!

Every day a profound message was coming through. I became so sensitive to the spirit world, and to the rhythms of nature and my body at that time. Creating this program was my way of recording all of the things that I was learning, and I just really wanted to share this discovery.

But Body Bliss wasn’t always that flowy for me. There was a time when I was super thin and depressed followed by a time when I was traveling through Europe and went a little overboard on the amazing food and wine. I carried that extra weight around for years before I finally figured out how to get back to a weight that made me feel good about myself, and when I started living the life I wanted.

I’ll tell you all about it, show you how Body Bliss works, and there might even be a special deal in there for you in TONIGHT’S webinar! I can’t wait to see you there! Register your seat below and I’ll send you an email when it starts at 7pm MST.


(Sorry, webinar no longer available!)

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