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The Rise Collective is helping working women step into their roles as wisdom keepers and feminine light bringers in their communities.

We all desire to know ourselves and our place in the world, to celebrate with community, and to be awakened and empowered so that our gifts may make themselves known to us.

The Rise Collective is an online and in-person community that supports women in awakening and empowering the feminine spirit, aligning with their goals and values, and making change effectively with somatics and nature as the teachers.

We stand for raising the vibration of consciousness on the planet to the frequency of Love, 528 Hz. We are rising to the occasion of our times, bringing forth the medicine for planetary healing.

In the Rise & Shine Program, we combine Earth Wisdom and Womb Wisdom into a powerful and soulful experience that helps women discover the sacred in every day and step into a new version of womanhood.

The intimate and experiential program supports our relationships with the earth medicine of the natural world, with our own bodies and wombs.

Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Womens LeadershipI’m Carrie Jordan, founder of The Rise Collective and creator of the Life Design Planners.

I am a multi-passionate woman formally trained as a designer, artist, and doula. Over the past ten years of working full-time in the corporate world as a designer, I pursued my passions by becoming an earth medicine practitioner, dance and yoga teacher, career coach, business owner, and herbalist.

By some miracle, the common red thread in all of this revealed itself to me and I was able to weave it into a colorful tapestry called The Rise Collective.

During my early 20s, although everything seemed great on the outside with my “great job,” nice location, and friends, I became stuck and confused about my path. I tried and tried to make sense of what I was “supposed” to be doing and was sure that there was something that I was missing. It felt lonely and although I was seeking support, there was none.

One day in my early 20s I was talking on the phone to a dear friend (who is now a talented therapist) and he suggested that I just try new things and see what worked for me.

In that moment, I distinctly decided to let curiosity be my guide.

I started a jewelry business (which eventually failed), became deeply interested in my studies of plant medicine and herbalism, and began my studies of shamanism. Luckily an amazing group of women took me under their wings and we created deep and healing friendships, finding our ways through the darkness together.

All the while, I continued to work in the corporate world, compartmentalizing the parts of me in two categories: One part of me a witch; One part of me in a box that I made for myself so that others wouldn’t suspect that I was “different”—or at least my “story” was that I was different and that was not okay.

Additionally, my constant struggles with my moon cycles had become unmanageable and my body was screaming at me during every cycle; I had come to dread it, loading up on Advil, as I thought this was the only way to not be bed ridden and moaning in pain.

I was not honoring the feminine. I was acting like a man at work, in my relationships, and in my life in order to fit society’s definition of “success” that did not fit my soul. 

Finally my medicine was revealed to me over a two-year period as I stepped onto the Red Road of indigenous spirituality and during my time on the mountain on my vision quest. I was no longer baffled about how all this would come together; how I could make a living mashing all of these things together. The common red thread was revealed.

As I prepared to step into my role, I became a doula studying the feminine physiology; what women are capable of; and feminine-dominant sexuality.

My medicine is to help women step into their roles in a way that honors the feminine, their cycles, and the cycles of the earth. It’s time to create a new paradigm of what it looks like for working women. No longer will we shove ourselves into a masculine system, but instead we are creating something new that supports our physiology and our femininity. At the same time, these ways will support the earth.

With a commitment to Great Mystery and to my soul’s mission, I’m here to be of service and I’m holding the medicine with open hands.

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