Disconnect to Reconnect

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In the beginning of 2017, my man and I decided that every Sunday would be tech-free. It went great and felt amazing for a couple of months, and slowly it faded away for various reasons: two business owners being tech-free for a full day each week proved some challenges with communicating with our teams and our sometimes unruly schedules.

Some habits are hard to keep—for years, Sunday was the day I caught up with my parents. Still sometimes I miss a Sunday, but breaking that habit for this new tech-free habit left me feeling a bit guilty and partially not excited about the new tradition.

Instead we have started a new tradition which is a monthly camping trip starting this month. The camping trip lasts for three nights and we are able to disconnect from the internet, pitch a tent, and hang out on the earth in the sun for three days with all our food prepared as we connect with each other and with nature.

This is a way for us to slow down, get our circadian rhythms in line with the rhythms of nature, and it happens to be good medicine for adrenal fatigue to go to sleep with the sun and wake up with the sun and no alarm clock. This goes to show how very connected our bodies are to the rhythms of the earth.

This kind of habit seems very necessary in our speedy, technology-obsessed culture, where, for some, putting their bare feet on the earth is a rarity. Instead, how can we make it commonplace?

For me it looks like a daily grounding practice of prayer and connecting with Mother Earth. What does it look like for you?

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