It’s a hot mess back here

Carrie JordanFeminine Leadership

We all compare ourselves to others–it is human. With social media, we are all able to highlight the amazing parts of our lives. This is a beautiful thing because we are grateful…but it also gives us an unrealistic view of life when we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see only the beauty in peoples’ lives.

At lunch last week with a business consort and sister-friend who always seems to have it all together, she confessed that she has been stressed and wanting to get a backup source of income. I observed how we never know what is going on with someone behind the scenes, and she said that people often are impressed with all she has accomplished lately. They tell her how successful she is. She said, “I think, ‘Really? Cuz it’s a hot mess back here.'”

Recently fellow business owners have been reaching out far more in collaboration. How can we work together? How can we make things easier for one another, support one another in our zones of genius, complement one another’s skills? Many of us have similar missions to be of service in the world and it is far easier to do so together.

If we are willing to admit when “it’s a hot mess back here” instead of pretending it’s all gravy to seem successful, we can ask for help and get the help we need.

When we are up front about what we are healing or working on, discussing what we are in the process of learning can often spark someone else’s self-discovery. Now that is being of service to the world.

Here’s to truth telling!

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