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If you’ve been lacking focus, feeling scattered or searching for purpose, the spiral bound Life Design Planner will guide you through a proven process to identify what’s working, get clarity on what you want, and create solutions despite constraints. Bring a fresh perspective to designing your path in life with a plan for the year, quarter, month, and week ahead while leaving room for magic to unfold.

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    You are powerful beyond belief.
    You came here for a reason.
    You have all the tools you need within.
    Everything you ever wanted is available to you.
    This ain’t no dress rehearsal! Let’s make your dreams come true.

    Make 2018 the year you learned the power of documenting yourself, your life’s process.

    Create a strategy for getting what you want!

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    What is Life Design?

    Life Design is a lifestyle of intentionality, inspired action, and consistency. The planner serves as a guide to help you take the time you need for you as well as take the actions that help you get where you want to go.

    Working with the Life Design Planner supports women in tracking their progress in creative, spiritual, and professional pursuits. It supports women in identifying their truest desires, uncovering their insights, and honoring their visions.

    But it’s not all “woo-woo.” The beauty of the Life Design Method is that it blends the practical with the spiritual; so that the head is always in service to the heart. And so that women can work with their gifts, revealing their soul’s purpose to themselves and the world.

    Be your sacred feminine through reflective practices and rituals. Do your sacred masculine by working with goal-setting and navigation. Envision what you want to have in your life as you become the woman who is able to move toward your closely held desires, wishes, insights, goals, intentions, dreams, and visions.

    At the end of the day; week; month; quarter, those who use the Life Design Planner can say that they have used their time wisely; that they have manifested what they want; and that they have created results and solutions.

    How the Life Design Planner works

    I started my career as a designer, and as we designers say, “once a designer, always a designer.” Design and design thinking is how my brain works: developing creative solutions to challenges is just part of me.

    During my 20s, I spent a lot of time wondering what I was “supposed” to be doing. I felt lost and decided to create the Life Design Planner as a way to support my self-documentation and keep track of how I spent my time in my spiritual and creative practices. Turns out, it’s helpful for people of all ages.

    Light a candle and sit quietly while you take some time to yourself and fill these pages. Contemplate the wisdom you hold in your body, in your DNA; the wisdom the earth holds to share with you; and the wisdom you can open to when you confront your past and step into your own version of adulthood that is not shaped by others’ or society’s expectations.

    Mountain Girl

     “When I became a mom I forgot some of my hopes, dreams, and goals on a personal and business level. I found an amazing planner to help me organize all the things that are important to me. I’m not talking about having a place to write in my dentist appointments and meetings…I’m talking deep hopes and dreams, my weekly emotional goals, and a place where I can write how I am really feeling and how I really WANT to feel. This planner is where it’s at!” Margaret, Mountain Girl Clothing

    Nissa Howard

     “I have tried uber-creative planners but they were too busy for me. I have tried corporate-type planners but they had no heart. Carrie has a solid base of heartful insight and practical foundation. This planner supports my need for organizing, tracking, and dream-storming.” Nissa Howard, Soul.Craft

    Ayesha Ophelia

     “I’m in love with The Rise Collective’s Planner. It LITERALLY has every single thing I would want.” Ayesha Ophelia, The Girlfriend Manifesto

    Allison Scott

     “The Life Design Planner goes above and beyond scheduling and organization. And it’s nothing like the standard, pretty, leather-bound journals you see everywhere.

    This planner has changed my life.” Allison Scott

    Tanaya Caim

     “I am so surprised to say that this is the best planner I’ve ever seen.” Tanaya Caim

    “I was at a point in my life where I needed direction, heartbroken from a break up, and need help with making a plan for my life. Normally I was very impulsive and didn’t write anything down, and since using this method, I have become more of a planner.

    This process makes me think and breaks things down for me which would otherwise be jumbled in my head.”

    “My biggest issue was lack of planning; having ideas but not focusing on them or getting things down to make them happen.

    Now that I use it consistently, the top 3 weekly goals help me focus on what I need to get done. It has been rewarding to look back and see that I have done them. I’ve shared it with people and they see for themselves how awesome it really is!”

    “It is a bit more expensive than a typical planner, and I understand why!

    My favorite thing about the planner is the opportunity to really think through what I want to accomplish in the year, the quarter, and the month. I also appreciate the attention to self-care. In my life, I have started following through a lot more. “

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