New moon gathering

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phases of the moon

The moon’s phases effect the ocean tides, women’s cycles, animal behavior, and they tell us when the best time is to plant. We gather at the new moon because people have been doing this for thousands of years. It helps us DROP IN, just be, and align with the natural cycles and the energies around us. As we tune into those cycles and energies, we get to know ourselves better as well.

This Friday, the new moon and Spring Equinox AND solar eclipse, a circle will gather around the fire here in Seattle to share sacred space and declare our intentions for manifesting in this new cycle, for the new moon is an opportunity to shed, to re-evaluate, and to set intentions. The new moon is the time when I refer back to the goals I set for the month and year to get on track using the Life Design Planner.

We will catch up, laugh, dance, snack, skill share, and sing among lots of other things!

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