Your soul came here on purpose.

It feels like grasping for threads of a big dream that lives within you.


You can’t quite see a clear “vision” of your soul’s mission. Your purpose seems to elude you as you adapt to daily life, paying the bills and just being a human.

Maybe you can’t seem to gain momentum in the projects you start. You feel scattered, but you know there is something…something you are meant to do; someone you are meant to be.

You’re not alone. We all desire to be awakened and empowered so that our gifts may make themselves known to us. This is the challenge of being human.

What new life wants to emerge into this world through you?

When you get a career reading, you will remember why your soul came to this earth realm. Trust me—you’re a big deal.

Your investment: $160

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Your soul came here on purpose.

“Before my reading I was scared to take a step in creating my own business, struggling to find the words, actions, and courage to move forward. Carrie was helpful in clarifying my purpose and supporting the goals I already had. She shared with me things I was longing to hear without knowing that I needed to hear them. She was open, kind, yet also straight forward. It was refreshing to make that kind of connection and find that type of support.” Molly

“Carrie is professional, insightful, and very good at what she does. She was able to tap into parts of me that no other reader has been able to. She also has this very nurturing, gentle disposition that puts you at ease. I highly recommend her services and am very happy with my session!” Azania

“Carrie is warm and insightful, and provides excellent feedback and suggestions for the future based on numerology and thoughtful conversation. I left feeling validated, peaceful and excited about the next chapter in my life!”Liz
“Carrie’s insights were very clear and made a lot of sense, helping me put pieces together and write down some concrete ‘action steps’ as well as having a broader vision and direction to where I am going. I really appreciate Carrie’s presence, she was genuinely there with and for me.”Francine
“I trust Carrie as a seer and I needed this message from her regarding my business and life purpose. I loved the clear validation, it was a big relief.”

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PDF: Why are you here?

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