I welcome contributions and guest posts! Please review the submission guidelines below before you submit your piece. Your article must meet all of the guidelines below in order for us to consider publishing it.

Writing for The Rise Collective, you can change lives, reach a larger audience, and achieve your professional dreams!

Writing guidelines

Earth Wisdom and Body Wisdom are our main focuses at The Rise Collective. We like articles about practical magic, shamanism, activism, life transformations, relationship & communication, femininity, and women’s wellness.

Your tone should be conversational (write how you would talk to a friend), inclusive, accessible, inspiring, informative, educational, and generally positive. Not snarky or sarcastic.

Submission guidelines

Send your submission to carrie@therisecollective.org.

Please make sure your piece has the following elements:

1. TITLES | Include a good title. For more info about writing catchy titles, refer to this Copyblogger article. 

2. LINKS | Include at least three links in text to other articles therisecollective.org website.

3. IMAGES | Feature at least three 800 pixel-wide images with attribution links to the original sites where you found those images. We are committed to respecting copyrights. Do not send us images from Pinterest or Tumblr. Please use images with no copyrights that are in the public domain or part of the creative commons. You can find these at unsplash, pexel, pixabay, or DeviantArt. When you search on google, go to “tools” -> “usage rights” -> “labeled for reuse.”

Some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • Check your grammar and spelling.
  • Keep your sentences short.
  • Use different beginnings for your sentences.
  • Use short 2-3-sentence paragraphs.
  • Focus on one message.
  • No caps or yelling, please.
  • Title and feature image are key to getting clicks!
  • Keep your bio short and exciting. It can (and should) contain links to your website and Social Media, and two or three sentences about who you are and what you do. Readers can always learn more by clicking your links.

Some more important notes about how to submit a guest post

When you send us your essay, definitely include at the bottom a medium-sized author photo of yourself (about 300 x 300) and a short bio.

Please include links within your bio to your personal or business websites to grow your audience, connect with more people, and drive traffic to your own website.