How to honor your moon cycle

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what are your period cramps telling you?

For me, recognizing moon time as sacred is an essential part of being a healthy woman. “Moon time” has this name because menstruation usually lines up with the new moon, and our bodies are heavily influenced by the phases of the moon. I have suffered from cramps at the beginning of my moon for years, and finally I got the … Read More

How to know it’s time to move to the next level of your career

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Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Career Coaching

Right out of college, I worked at an amazing organization that I believed in deeply. I felt so aligned with my work there, truly feeling I was making a difference by being part of this wonderful organization. I felt an insatiable desire to learn everything about my work and the work of my colleagues, and I learned so many skills … Read More

Disconnect to Reconnect

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In the beginning of 2017, my man and I decided that every Sunday would be tech-free. It went great and felt amazing for a couple of months, and slowly it faded away for various reasons: two business owners being tech-free for a full day each week proved some challenges with communicating with our teams and our sometimes unruly schedules. Some habits … Read More

Yoga for men and women: What’s the diff?

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womens yoga

Yoga is very different for women and for men. Why? Because we have different bodies. We have different ways of dealing with life. We have different ways of showing up. In the video I talk about the specific differences and how you can create a feminine practice to connect with your womb and your femininity.

Recalibrating your body, recalibrating your life

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When we pay attention to somatics and observe how our bodies feel in certain situations and moments, we are able to adjust and make changes. We might be able to embody new practices and in the process, create a new body with new habits and actions. For example, when we catch ourselves slouching, we can notice how we feel in … Read More

How to choose the media you consume

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how the media you consume impacts emotional state

Daily life can be full of trauma. Especially living in the crazy city of Denver at the moment I see people committing micro-aggressions on a consistent basis, through rudeness, crudeness, unkind words, and even physical aggression. A few months ago someone downtown was chasing people around hitting them with a PVC pipe…yeah. People be crazy. There are times when we just … Read More