Yoga for men and women: What’s the diff?

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womens yoga

Yoga is very different for women and for men. Why? Because we have different bodies. We have different ways of dealing with life. We have different ways of showing up. In the video I talk about the specific differences and how you can create a feminine practice to connect with your womb and your femininity.

Recalibrating your body, recalibrating your life

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When we pay attention to somatics and observe how our bodies feel in certain situations and moments, we are able to adjust and make changes. We might be able to embody new practices and in the process, create a new body with new habits and actions. For example, when we catch ourselves slouching, we can notice how we feel in … Read More

How to choose the media you consume

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how the media you consume impacts emotional state

Daily life can be full of trauma. Especially living in the crazy city of Denver at the moment I see people committing micro-aggressions on a consistent basis, through rudeness, crudeness, unkind words, and even physical aggression. A few months ago someone downtown was chasing people around hitting them with a PVC pipe…yeah. People be crazy. There are times when we just … Read More

How to Embody Feminine Sexuality

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Feminine sexuality- rose

I was chatting with a single male friend about dating and feminine sexuality and he recounted his recent experience in his office building scoping out the women. He said that he finds the women around him to be cold and focused on their work, and that this is unattractive to him. It does not draw him in, and keeps him away. … Read More

How to replace cooking time with YOU time

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how to reduce the amount of time you spend cooking

For working women, new mommies, and mommies-to-be, it sometimes feels like there’s not enough time in the day to even feed yourself! And if you’ve done Body Bliss Bootcamp with us, you know that we are all about delicious and easy meals so we can make time to do the things that bring us bliss…unless cooking is what does it … Read More

Body Bliss Bootcamp is back!

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Imagine feeling joyful, flexible, strong, and healthy on a daily basis; Create an EASY health routine that folds into your life and makes you feel happy and joyful, without the guilt, shame, and deprivation of cleanses and diets. How could this make your life easier? How would you like to feel more connected? How could this help you feel the way you want to … Read More

How to become a morning person

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morning person

My whole life I have been a night owl, and wished I were a morning person. When I was a kid my mom used to have to come in my room or yell up the stairs to me to wake up about 10 times per morning. That poor woman!! A few years ago I tried to start a habit of going for a … Read More

Delicious Cocoa Truffles!

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Vegan, Gluten-Free, High Protein Chocolate Truffles

Oh my goodness you guys, these gluten-free truffles are amazing, and lentils are the main ingredient! This would be a great thing to bring to or serve at a holiday party, or even to give to friends and family as gifts. Here’s the recipe—They take about an hour and 15 minutes to make, and yield 36 servings. Ingredients 2/3 of a cup … Read More