50 Shades of Bullshit

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Poster from the movie

I have had some kind of repulsion toward the idea of 50 Shades of Gray that I couldn’t articulate, until I read a chapter on sacred sexuality in Shakti Woman, a book about ancient women’s wisdom. How we relate sexually is deeply connected to our groundedness, and our sense of self worth. What does this statement mean in the context of a culture … Read More

We have come to be danced

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earth dance by Alex Grey

Dancing balances the four elements within the being, and it also activates the subtle energies within. It helps us get in touch with our true essence—our soul came here to be danced, and to express its true self. When we dance, the soul is able to do that! I love how this poem perfectly describes what this means. by Jewel … Read More

Getting rid of aches and pains with food medicine

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Photo of vegetables

Back in October, I tried the clean cleanse, a three-week long cleanse where you eat a smoothie for breakfast, a salad and protein for lunch, and a soup for dinner, and fast in between. I only made it two and half weeks, but it was a great! I really liked the cleanse because it made me feel detoxed and very … Read More

Letting go of addictions that squash our emotions

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Our society is addicted to sugar, coffee, TV, the internet, food, shopping, our phones, and lots of other things. We squelch and squash our emotions back into our bodies by self-medicating with our addictions, avoiding our feelings and our lives. Even if you let go of one of these, another one will pop up to replace it. Avoidance and addictions are tricky like … Read More

A cleanse you can handle

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I have tried cleansing a few times—The longest I have gone is 3 days on a juice cleanse. And it didn’t actually feel that “clean.” But this time I can actually say that I have been cleansing for six days…in a row!

My favorite kitchen appliance & how to use it

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The immersion blender is a wonderful kitchen invention! A hand-held blender that faces down, the immersion blender is a lot less bulky than a regular blender, and faster. I mostly use mine to make smoothies and soups. A smoothie with chia seeds is a breakfast that will keep you full and energized all morning into the afternoon. Chia seeds are a superfood. … Read More