My favorite kitchen appliance & how to use it

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The immersion blender is a wonderful kitchen invention! A hand-held blender that faces down, the immersion blender is a lot less bulky than a regular blender, and faster. I mostly use mine to make smoothies and soups. A smoothie with chia seeds is a breakfast that will keep you full and energized all morning into the afternoon. Chia seeds are a superfood. … Read More

So Ho0pY!

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Hooping flushes out your lymph nodes, and it’s so fun! You don’t usually move your body that way, so it opens a bunch of new neuro passages that you haven’t used since you were 8 years old.

Healing and grounding foods for health

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Photo Source  I have had a nasty cold for about a week now, and in the past I have found that a good way to help your body recover is by grounding both with root vegetables and grounding foods like chocolate (not too much sugar though!) and nuts. I have been making huge pots of what I call Root Soup … Read More

Crystal Visions

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Right now, along with a dear friend, I am taking a goal-setting class on (an awesome online learning resource!) with Susanne Conrad, an inspiring and wonderful teacher who also works with Lulu Lemon. You can set goals for yourself by imagining the ideal vision you have for your life in 5 year increments. Imagine your life without any of … Read More

Note from a friend~

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Here’s a snippet of an inbox surprise from a good friend of mine. Made me smile. Better to be a tactician than a strategician, ya know. The former being more flexible and nimble on their feet, and not so proned to hubris and excessive egotism. Patience and humility always a virtue in everything, in it’s right time and place. Just … Read More