How to know it’s time to move to the next level of your career

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Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Career Coaching

Right out of college, I worked at an amazing organization that I believed in deeply. I felt so aligned with my work there, truly feeling I was making a difference by being part of this wonderful organization. I felt an insatiable desire to learn everything about my work and the work of my colleagues, and I learned so many skills … Read More

Why visualization doesn’t always work

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When we are manifesting things that we want, we often try to visualize the outcome we are hoping for. But sometimes visualizing creates friction if we know that something isn’t going to turn out that way. Here’s how you can make sure you still get what you want! Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life! Tell … Read More

To Embody Your Sexual Essence

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I was chatting with a single male friend about dating recently and he recounted his recent experience in his office building scoping out the women. He said that he finds the women around him to be cold and focused on their work, and that this is unattractive to him. It does not draw him in, and keeps him away. I have … Read More

Why write a love letter to yourself?

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how to write a love letter

You know the saying “You can’t love someone else until you love yourself”? It is true! We’re all in a process of falling in love with ourselves, and there is not really an “arrival.” Like any loving relationship, there are good days and bad days. Hopefully the good days greatly outweigh the bad days. Sometimes we get angry at ourselves, … Read More

Keep your eyes on your own life

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When it comes to creativity, individuality, and authenticity, the best way to kill it is to worry about what other people are up to; To compare oneself and one’s projects to someone else’s; To compare your dance and your flow to another’s flow; To compare your beautiful, unique painting style to someone else’s. A few years back in a yoga … Read More

Make your dreams come true

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Did you use last year’s life design guide? A couple days ago, I wrapped up production of the 2016 version, and it is even juicier. There are prompts, affirmations, goal-setting exercises, and more. AND you can keep track on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. In 2010, I started setting goals and taking them really seriously…in turn, I’ve achieved most of them. I … Read More