Keep your eyes on your own life

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When it comes to creativity, individuality, and authenticity, the best way to kill it is to worry about what other people are up to; To compare oneself and one’s projects to someone else’s; To compare your dance and your flow to another’s flow; To compare your beautiful, unique painting style to someone else’s. A few years back in a yoga … Read More

Make your dreams come true

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Did you use last year’s life design guide? A couple days ago, I wrapped up production of the 2016 version, and it is even juicier. There are prompts, affirmations, goal-setting exercises, and more. AND you can keep track on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. In 2010, I started setting goals and taking them really seriously…in turn, I’ve achieved most of them. I … Read More

Working with personal patterns

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Last year after an unproductive summer (in terms of the personal projects I churned out), I was wondering why I hadn’t created much. At the end of the year I looked back at my productivity and goals log from the whole year, and recognized a pattern: In fall and winter, I enjoy being inside, creating. In the spring and summer, I can’t wait … Read More

Making big, creative magic!

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I absolutely loved this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert on her new book Big Magic. Here are the takeaways on creativity and passion that I whole-heartedly agree with: What are the projects you want to make and are not making? Why aren’t you making them? Usually the rationalization starts out logical and worldly, but when you look beneath that, the reason … Read More

How to harvest seeds

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Carrie harvesting seeds

I am packing up my life, and that means my garden! Gathering up and harvesting clippings, herbs, and blossoms. And I’m making sure that next year I will be able to create a magical garden by harvesting seeds. It amazes me how nature just gives and gives. When you garden, you can really see the cycle of life, letting go (of seeds … Read More

Documenting love and friendship

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A few weekends ago on my annual trip to Buena Vista, CO, I did some photographing of friends and couples. I love photography and documenting special moments. I’ll be in Seattle for a couple more weeks if you are interested in documenting your flow in a photoshoot, so holler at me to schedule a time. After that, I will be … Read More