Respecting the elements: Water

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This leaf gathering drops reminded me just how sacred water is. It’s easy to take it for granted because it flows so easily through our faucets. So much water is wasted in our society… Building a relationship with the four elements invites a lot of gratitude. I often thank the water while I’m showering. When I fill my water bottle at … Read More

Halloween Ritual

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Halloween, or Samhain as we call it for cross-quarter holidays, is a sacred day where we honor our ancestors. We honor their wisdom, we honor our oldest ancestors, the elements (air, fire, water, earth) because we are made of them. We are made of the DNA of our ancestors and they have passed their traumas, their lessons, and their stories … Read More

Medicine keepers of the city

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I was getting off the bus and getting my mail, pondering the medicine keepers of the city. It can be a challenge to be a medicine keeper in the city. We belong in the wilderness. We want to live in the backcountry, maybe in a cabin deep in the woods or the mountains with a fire burning and a slower … Read More

What were your kid dreams?

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What did you dream you could be as a kid? An artist? An archaeologist? A secret agent? What did you dream of doing while you were in college, preparing to enter the “real world”? Have you “gotten there” yet? It’s a trip to look back and remember what your plan or your dream was…because often our plan doesn’t work quite … Read More

Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe

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I went to Austin, Texas a couple of weeks ago with my girl friends and loved it! It is a beautiful city with lots of swimming holes, live music and dancing, friendly people, and of course amazing Mexican food. The Mexican influence is clear and I loved seeing the beautiful little shrines and altars for the Holy Mother, Our Lady … Read More

Shamanic Skills Workshop for Connecting with Your Guides

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Open Inspired Living in Boulder, CO

You’re invited!! Shamanic skills workshop  Sunday, January 31 @ 11 A.M.-1 P.M. Open Inspired Living: 1655 Folsom St (across from McGuckin’s) Boulder, CO We’ll discuss our connection with the land, healing ourselves, and working with the guides who have been with us since we were born. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing tradition, found on nearly every continent. There is evidence of … Read More

What is your love language?

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love language

A love language is how you need love to be communicated to you. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who doesn’t need to hear “I love you” or doesn’t say it back? Maybe that hurts because you really need to hear those words. That is the language of words of affirmation. If you need physical affection to … Read More

How to get clarity for making decisions

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making decisions

Making decisions can elicit confusion in our inner world. Sometimes it’s easy—If you know it’s snowing or raining out in the morning when you wake up, you easily decide to wear your rubber boots. If you’re having a friend over for dinner and you know he’s a vegetarian with an egg allergy, you make a vegetarian dish sans eggs. That’s … Read More

Don’t ever shimmer down.

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embodying the goddess

Whenever we see a commercial or ad for cosmetics, Alex mutes it and narrates the commercial with an announcer voice. It usually goes something like this: “You are not good enough. You need to buy this so you can be prettier.” It is funny. When I put on makeup before going out for a date he stands in the doorway and … Read More

The anatomy of a lie

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Lying usually seems pretty harmless, especially if it starts out as only one little lie. But when we lie, the person we lie to begins to distrust their truth cord. What is a truth cord? A truth cord is a connection to the truth, which everyone has. It is your belly brain, your gut, which tells you when something is off, when … Read More