How to know it’s time to move to the next level of your career

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Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Career Coaching

Right out of college, I worked at an amazing organization that I believed in deeply. I felt so aligned with my work there, truly feeling I was making a difference by being part of this wonderful organization. I felt an insatiable desire to learn everything about my work and the work of my colleagues, and I learned so many skills … Read More

Dreaming the big dream in 2017

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The other night an intimate group in our community held a sacred activism phone call together to dream the big dream together and co-create a vision for our world. Here is the vision that we came up with: Imagine a world where we show our sweet and tender hearts Imagine a world where we choose love instead of fear Imagine … Read More


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2017 Life Design Planner

What does it mean to live life on purpose? Consider how much is automated in our lives: We have every piece of information in the world at our very fingertips. We can order anything we want on the internet. We can schedule paying our bills. We can get food delivered. Many of us get up, go to work, come home, … Read More

Why visualization doesn’t always work

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When we are manifesting things that we want, we often try to visualize the outcome we are hoping for. But sometimes visualizing creates friction if we know that something isn’t going to turn out that way. Here’s how you can make sure you still get what you want! Download the Sacred Magic Workbook to make room for the amazingness in your life! Tell … Read More

How to choose the media you consume

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how the media you consume impacts emotional state

Daily life can be full of trauma. Especially living in the crazy city of Denver at the moment I see people committing micro-aggressions on a consistent basis, through rudeness, crudeness, unkind words, and even physical aggression. A few months ago someone downtown was chasing people around hitting them with a PVC pipe…yeah. People be crazy. There are times when we just … Read More

It’s a hot mess back here

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We all compare ourselves to others–it is human. With social media, we are all able to highlight the amazing parts of our lives. This is a beautiful thing because we are grateful…but it also gives us an unrealistic view of life when we scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see only the beauty in peoples’ lives. At lunch last week … Read More

What were your kid dreams?

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What did you dream you could be as a kid? An artist? An archaeologist? A secret agent? What did you dream of doing while you were in college, preparing to enter the “real world”? Have you “gotten there” yet? It’s a trip to look back and remember what your plan or your dream was…because often our plan doesn’t work quite … Read More