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How would you behave if…

You knew for a fact that your soul came here for a reason?

I invite you to explore what happens when you act as if it is true.


The Rise Collective is a feminine mystery school devoted to women unveiling their unique ancient wisdom that lives within their blood and bones.

Together we follow the Red Threads of remembrance back through the feminine lineage of Mary Magdalene, and our own indigenous, shamanic, human roots back to Mother Earth as our teacher.

The spiritual teachings you learn in the school are easy to understand, practical to apply, and you’ll see results that improve every area of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational).

Carrie Jordan Birth Doula

Hi, I’m Carrie and I am a teacher.

I support women in accessing and awakening the ancient wisdom that lives in their bones…and applying it for results in their lives and businesses.

You will learn both spiritual and business technologies that you can apply to every area of your contemporary life including shamanism, deep presence, feminine women’s wisdom, and integral leadership communication.

“The work with Carrie brought more enthusiasm among my work place with my employees, and strengthened my leadership.

Do it all while maintaining connection to the Spirit of your visions.”

Julie Foster NP

“Carrie can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out.

After the launch, I made $2000 in my first month. Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.”

Melissa Simard

“Since I started working with Carrie, I have brought in 10 new clients and have recurring income! I approach my work differently because I feel refreshed and have new techniques for how I run my business.”

Sweet Medicine Nation

“I was struggling with confidence, courage, organization, and unfinished projects.

Since we started working together my client base has expanded and I am able to draw recurring income from new clients and classes that Carrie helped me develop.

I procrastinate less, fear technology less, and have gained courage to speak my truth.”

Karen Roberts

“Carrie is an incredibly intuitive and confident woman, whom I trust deeply to work with on any type of project…Her attention to detail skills are fine-tuned, and her big-picture visioning is inspired. I enjoyed working with Carrie on a team so much that I recently began working with her in a coaching role.”

Elizabeth Waters

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The Rise Collective Wise Women's Council

A monthly membership where we do the deepest work together.

We focus on your soul’s Great Work.

Masterclass Series
Five classes designed to align and activate you in every area of your life.

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Life Design Planner

Life Design Planner

Oracular Poetry

Forthcoming in 2021

If you really knew me…

You would know that I see the world as a magical place and I look at the world through a spiritual lens. I require my relationships, my work, and my communication to have a spiritual flavor in order to be fulfilling to me. 

I strive to live my life by design. It’s not without challenge of course because challenge = learning = growth and if you’re not growing you’re dying.

Dreams do come true #lifedesign. If you dream it/speak it you will do it.

I’m always asking myself, How GOOD can I allow life to get? How much MAGIC can I allow into my awareness. In my experience, the answer is: UNLIMITED GOODNESS, UNLIMITED MAGIC.

Cariad Bee

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The Rise Collective Podcast is devoted to incorporating ancient ways into our contemporary lives. Honoring the oral tradition, we generously share  stories and wisdom about spiritual life, remembering the old ways, living in communion with the earth, and bringing it all to bear in our contemporary times.

Available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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 My mission is to enliven the physical, practical world with Spirit. Sitting in ceremony is where I feel most myself and I LOVE working with women.

For nearly ten years, I have studied, taught, experienced, and facilitated transformational rites of passage, ancestral healing, ancient earth wisdom, plant medicine, and shamanic skills. I am committed to this work on a soul level.

I honor my teachers Pixie Lighthorse, Sweet Medicine Nation, Tōssêkana Simich, Lorena Palazzo, Christina Pratt, Sajah Popham, and Sage Maurer.



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