A most flowy transition

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

Since my vision quest on the summer solstice, my life has completely changed.

The feeling I have is that I am being carried down a gentle river—listening, and most of all trusting that the journey will be smooth.

A couple of weeks ago, Alex and I drove out to Colorado with a moving truck full of all our stuff. At the time, I was freaking out a bit because I didn’t have a job yet (just some interviews), he was moving back to start school, and I was supposed to head back to Seattle at the end of the weekend with no end to living there in sight. But I trusted that it would all be ok, and tried not to focus on my anxiety.

Then, I got a job in Denver. Also, we decided to get married. Everything fell into place, and I am heading back to live in Colorado this Friday.

I have really enjoyed my time in the pacific northwest. My experience of the city of Seattle has not been great, but my experience exploring this region (and especially Oregon), my experience of myself, the really hard times and the really good times that have strengthened our relationship, the people I have met, and what they have taught me has been amazing. I feel like a completely different, stronger, more authentic person from the woman I was two years ago.

This move is so different from the move I/we made here to Seattle two years (and some change) ago. Circumstances are also very different (e.g. I have a job this time—last time, I moved without a job; I have friends and family to go back to this time—last time, I knew no one). But it feels like a big sigh of relief to return to familiar land and familiar people.

When I get back to Colorado next week, I have a few celebrations to attend to—One of them I will announce on instagram—I hope you will like it. I’ll take any excuse to open some champaign and celebrate.