Hi, I’m Carrie and I am the creator of the Life Design Planner, the Rise Effect, and hostess of the Rise Collective Podcast.

In the shamanic perspective, every soul comes to this planet for a reason. This world view invites us into the web of life & teaches that we are all related. All beings have a place, purpose, and contribution; a role to fill and skills to share. Without one member of the ecosystem, a gap forms and the circle is incomplete.

What if each of use holds a small essential piece of the puzzle to shifting the seemingly insurmountable challenges we face as a global community?

As I hold this shamanic perspective, I can see the importance of people doing their Great Work…Not necessarily a job description, but rather a way of being; the impact we make in our everyday lives.

That’s why I feel a sense of urgency around helping people work with their spirit guides to co-create their goals, lives, and how they show up in their communities.

Life Design is a *lifestyle* of intention, commitment, inspired action, and consistency. This doesn’t work if you aren’t committed. The method serves as a guide to help you co-create with your guides and become the woman you came here to be.

People often ask me about the name The Rise Collective: “Why do you call it a collective?”

I don’t have a succinct answer—The Rise Collective has many meanings, holds many visions, has a life and mind of its own (from the very beginning), and I do my best to hold space for this collective, community, rising tide to unfold daily.

If you really knew me…

You would know that I see the world as a magical place and I look at the world through a spiritual lens. I require my relationships, my work, and my communication to have a spiritual flavor in order to be fulfilling to me. 

My mission is to enliven the physical, practical world with Spirit.

For nearly ten years, I have studied, taught, experienced, and facilitated transformational rites of passage, ancestral healing, ancient earth wisdom, and shamanic skills. I am committed to this work on a soul level.

I honor my teachers Pixie Lighthorse, Sweet Medicine Nation, TĹŤssĂŞkana Simich, Lorena Palazzo, and Christina Pratt.

I live on Cheyenne Arapaho land in Northern Colorado with my family.


  • Birth Doula
  • Author of The Life Design Planner and Notes from the Stars.
  • Trained Shamanic Practitioner
  • Certified Relational Leadership Facilitator
  • Certified Career Coach
  • Wife + Mama
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