My gift to the Burke Gilman commuters: Positive affirmations and loving vibes

Carrie JordanShamanism

Last year when I moved to Seattle, I struggled. I was in a city I had never been to, had no idea where anything was, and knew no one except for my boyfriend and his bandmate, who locked themselves in a music studio for several months. I was alone 95 percent of the time and had to fill my time and find my way.

Running and walking (often while crying) on the Burke Gilman trail daily really was a saving grace. I would repeat to myself “it’s going to be ok”—it was more frantic and probably sounded more like “issgonnbeok. issgonnbeok.” Exercise and affirmations are wonderful tools.

This spring, I pledged to thoroughly enjoy the warm seasons and the beautiful pacific northwest, because last year, I couldn’t find the strength to. But life is too short for that! We are only here for a short time—singing, dancing, laughing, and positive thoughts are essential ingredients to feelin’ good.

This public art project is my gift to anyone on the Burke Gilman having a tough day; a tough week; a tough month; a tough year. This too shall pass!

A series of photographs showing the public art illustration