Don’t make a new year’s resolution. Do this instead…

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Happy new year

Most people think that January 1st is the time to make a new year’s resolution, set their goals and intentions for the year, and have total clarity on what the year ahead “should” look like. But that might be the biggest myth when it comes to “goal setting” or “productivity.” I understand how it’s easy to follow that doctrine. Everyone … Read More

How to have the best year ever

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Create a design for your best year ever. Learn to set your goals for every domain of your life and stay accountable to your plan. In this article, you'll learn some of the best goal planning and goal setting tips.

Even if you’re committed to your goals and committing to creating your best year ever, it can be a challenge to stay on track with our busy modern lives. I find it incredibly satisfying to track my goals from year to year, quarter to quarter, month to month, and week to week, setting intentions and planting seeds at each new moon. … Read More

Wise women choose alternative paths

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It’s a rare person who is not conditioned by society. Most internalize what we are told throughout our lives: We are not good enough. We need makeup to be pretty. We need a certain face, a certain body, a certain job, a certain amount of money in the bank to be good enough. There’s nothing wrong with any of those … Read More

Why I chose home birth

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I’ve been meaning to share more about my experience becoming a mama because it’s been a huge turning point in my identity and in my life. Here’s one aspect of it—how and why I chose home birth. I’ve been a birth doula since 2016, so I have lots of experience supporting women through pregnancy and birth. For me, my own … Read More

Why Light Workers Need to Prepare for Heavy Lifting

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By Angela Kaufman Congratulations, Light Worker! You’ve been called to embrace being ‘spiritual.’ You’ve awakened to a path of infinite possibilities, committed to realizing your full potential and manifesting your dreams. You’ve decided to raise your vibration, take Yoga classes, meet your Spirit Guides and be open hearted and compassionate toward others. Your timing is impeccable. The Shadow of ourselves, … Read More

Is it really your goals that are burning you out?

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your goals aren't burning you out

It’s not your goals that are burning you out! If you believe that, you could be missing out on growth and becoming. How can you move toward your goals with ease? What stresses most people out is their thoughts, because they didn’t plan well. How are you becoming intentional about your time, energy, and thoughts?

Episode 22 with Makhosi Nejeser

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Makhosi Nejeser Royal Shaman

Today, Makhosi Nejeser AKA the Royal Shaman, Spiritual Guide and Zulu Shaman is joining us!  Through Shamanic DNA Activation & Energetic Alignment, Makhosi assists soul-seeking clients who desire to discover their purpose, decode their essence and break through the blocks keeping them from creating limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom & exceptional impact. She is a Spiritual Guide & Authentic Shaman that … Read More

Episode 21 with Yellow Robe

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Yellow Robe

Today, Yellow Robe is joining us!  Yellow Robe, also known as Tom Mann, is a talented artist and elder in the Lakota tradition, and an elder in the Four Winds Foundation community. He hosts song circles and sweat lodges that you can find out more about on View and purchase Yellow Robe’s amazing art at: I mentioned the … Read More

Episode 20: Trusting the Wild within with Leaf Running Rabbit

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Leaf Running Rabbit

Today, Leaf Running Rabbit is joining us! As a special gift from our guest, you can enter to win a copy of Leaf’s book Wild Be (Middlecreek Publishing) by becoming a patron at Giveaway closes on November 20, 2020. If you enjoy this episode or it inspired you, I’d love to hear about it and know your biggest takeaway. … Read More