How to become a morning person

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How to become a morning person

My whole life I have been a night owl, and wished I were a morning person. When I was a kid my mom used to have to come in my room or yell up the stairs to me to wake up about 10 times per morning. That poor woman!!

A few years ago I tried to start a habit of going for a run when I first woke up for about a week. It made me feel like vomiting on a daily basis. So I accepted that I am just not one of those people who works out in the morning. What can I say, I  love my beauty sleep and sleeping in.

I have struggled to wake up in the morning and have read so many “life hacker” articles about “how to become a morning person.” To no avail, I have earned the title “morning monster.”

Go to bed early

It may come as a surprise that to wake up earlier, you actually have to go to bed earlier. For years I tried to wake up earlier without going to bed earlier and it just didn’t work.

How to become a morning personAs a night owl for most of my life, I would get a highly creative and productive “second wind” at around 11PM-2AM. Then I found out I was experiencing this because it was related to adrenal fatigue. I also realized that this type of pattern was horrible for my circadian rhythm.

Instead of trying to create a new habit of waking up earlier, I worked on breaking the bad habit of working into the night and going to bed late. My new habit was to stop working at 6:30PM or earlier. This helped me wind down before bed.

Cut out the substances

Alcohol and other substances will make you groggy in the morning and make it harder to wake up and get out of bed. Avoid these before going to bed, and you’ll feel much more human in the morning.

Treat sleep as a spiritual practice

In my world, sleep has become a spiritual practice, and for ancient peoples, it was spiritual because of the importance of the dream world. Dreams provide us with so many insights about our lives, communities, and our unconscious.

Treat your time sleeping as a time where you commune with your spiritual landscape and your relationship to sleep could shift. Even if you only get a few hours per night as a parent, this is sacred time for you to rest, rejuvenate, and receive any messages that might be coming through.

Turn off your wifi and put your phone on airplane mode

The electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from your wifi router and your cell phone don’t allow your body to truly rest. There’s inconclusive evidence that EMFs are harmful, but to me it would be logical that this would be harmful to the body and nervous system.

I turn off my wifi and cell phone in the night for peace of mind, and it seems to help me sleep better.

The practice of grounding before you go to bed and when you wake up can also neutralize your body’s ionic charge and help your body and nervous system relax.

Technology to the rescue

Well, my fellow morning monsters, I found an amazing app that has changed my morning monster tendencies in just a few days. It is called Sleep Cycle. It is an alarm clock app that tracks your sleeping patterns. The app wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase with a gentle and soothing alarm.

The impact of being a morning person

It may sound dramatic to say this has changed my life. Waking up and feeling better when I get out of bed allows me to enjoy the quiet of the morning time, enjoy my breakfast, prepare for my day, and be more intentional about how I approach the day.

Before, a morning ritual sounded far-fetched and aspirational. With more time in the morning, my morning rituals can unfold more intentionally and with more ease.

I highly recommend it as a way to wake up refreshed and ready to create a beautiful day!