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Welcome. It’s time to begin your journey.

Are you hearing a nagging voice within or without, urging you to live in rhythm with the earth; to align with your feminine spirit?

Do you crave deep connection with the Spirit world and with Mother Earth, the Goddess?

I’m so happy that you’re here because these ancestral ways have changed my life. I know that this can often be a vulnerable place for women: it’s unknown, uncertain, and sometimes scary to welcome Magic into our lives. I feel a lot of compassion for where you’re coming from, and I’m so thankful you’re here.

 How can I help you?

The program I offer to support women stepping into their roles as wisdom keepers and feminine light bringers:

Earth Wisdom Moon Magic

Moon Magic

Living in rhythm with the body and the earth is like being in flow with the river. The messages that come through are clear and there’s a practical and simple system to seeing them.

It can be challenging to see the negative media and messages each day whether it’s on the news, in your Facebook feed, or hearing it from others. But stepping onto the Earth with our bare feet and kneeling on Her to thank her and request support can ground us. Ask, How can I be of service?

Listening to my guides and trusting the guidance that comes through helps me to live in rhythm. Slowing down and softening into my feminine to cultivate my relationship with the Spirit world, the Earth, and my womb has helped me to see the sacred web of life and the interconnection between us all.

Here’s what you can do next:


I hope this work supports you in seeing and embodying these universal truths:

You are powerful beyond belief.

You came here for a reason.

You have all the tools you need within.

Everything you ever wanted is available to you.

You are a daughter of the Earth.

If you feel it’s time to step into your role as a feminine light bringer and wisdom keeper in your community, I’d love to support you.

My background

I started my journey around 2011 with intense bookworm tendencies, attending circles, ceremonies, and a study group that helped me hone my shamanic skills and practices.

During that time I lived in Colorado mountains, and soon moved to the Pacific Northwest where I worked with my amazing teachers. I worked as a designer and marketer during the week and during the weekend I went where the wind took me: Workshops in Seattle, ceremonies on the Olympic Peninsula, sweat lodges on Bainbridge Island and Central Oregon, and retreats in the woods.

Carrie Jordan Rise Collective begin

Those years filled me up. I learned about the importance of structure in my practices, and I learned about the traditions of earth wisdom that date back centuries and millenia.

I furiously took notes while I was with my teachers Pixie Lighthorse and Sweet Medicine Nation. I documented every divination tarot reading and every shamanic journey. I was a good student and read all of the greats: Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman…incorporating those shamanic skills into my very modern lifestyle as a career woman.

Carrie Jordan Dance beginMy dance and embodiment practice helped me get back into my body after trauma and helped me embody what I was learning. I brought the lessons from the other realms into ordinary reality through movement and was able to reconnect with my intuition by trusting my body’s messages again.

How did I begin my journey?

I wrote the full story of how I arrived in this place here.

In a nutshell, I arrived on the Red Road, the Sacred Path of the Heart, after I experienced a trauma.

At first Spirit had been softly whispering in my ear and now Spirit was yelling. This niggling communication had been happening for some time, but in the past it had been easier to ignore. Like me, that’s a sign to begin your studies.

In 2015, under the guidance of my teacher Sweet Medicine I “went to the mountain.” It was four days and four nights of prayer and asking for a vision. After that experience, I knew my soul’s medicine and a lot of changes occurred.

Saturn’s Return

When Saturn returns to its position at the time of birth

It was my Saturn return right before my thirtieth birthday. I continued to work outside my home and study Earth Wisdom in my free time.

First it seemed as if everything I had prayed for was falling into place. I got engaged to my boyfriend, I got a new job and decided to moved back to Colorado. But still something was missing.

My womb screamed at me in pain every cycle. Finally stress got to me and I found out that I had Hashimoto’s (autoimmune) and adrenal fatigue. And then it all fell apart. My kitty familiar was taken by a coyote, I cancelled that wedding and my relationship fell away, I moved to the city.

Six months later I met the Love of My Life, quit my job, started my business, and traveled to Asia.

It was finally time for me to start my business. Aligned with both the rhythms of the earth and the rhythms of my feminine physiology, the timing was what I call in flow.

Now I teach integrating our Great Work in the world (our soul’s mission) with Earth Wisdom (communing with the rhythms of nature and working with plants and animals for guidance) and Body Wisdom (dropping in to what our bodies are telling us and living in rhythm).

Here’s what you can do next:


Photos by Cadence Feeley and Lisa Work.

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