The Feminine Business Accelerator:

Uplevel your Business

Help for brilliant entrepreneurs who struggle with tech

You know that to reach a new level of success (more sales or more clients), you need the systems that will help you move toward your vision with ease. You feel exhausted just thinking about the daily admin tasks, and you want more time to focus in your zone of genius. Maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve spent money on programs that tell you how to create the systems (email marketing, sales funnels, landing pages, website designs) yourself, but you still don’t have the level of technology integration you envisioned.

Turn on technology and systems that support your great work in the world.

You are here:
  • Tech-overwhelm and barely getting anything done until you fix the issue, which could be hours or even days.
  • Not having any systems or automation—doing all the time-consuming admin work on your own
  • Feeling lost, unsure whose advice to take, or what website to get your information.
  • Spending hours or weeks trying to figure out how to do things yourself through cobbled together freebies or paid courses…and still ending up with no systems or ease to speak of.
  • Feeling discouraged or even ashamed that you can’t seem to figure it out.
I’ll guide you here:
  • Feeling confident and relaxed—no more worrying about tech glitches.
  • Spending hours in your zone of genius, rather than dealing with tech issues.
  • Working with a team member who wants your business to succeed as much as you do.
  • Creating systems that do the administrative work for you.
  • Feeling empowered, motivated, and excited about your business
  • Feeling resonance with your branding and every message you send to your community.

Are you wishing you could download my 10+ years of experience into simple-to-follow action steps to set up and manage your business like a marketing professional?

I hear you, and I got you.

I work with a select group of highly motivated clients at once. If you are fueled by a fire and want to honor your soul’s mission to lead and be of service through your business, let’s talk.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Melissa Simard Vivisoi

 “The entire experience of the Feminine Business Accelerator was amazing. Carrie will actually help you learn and leave you with templates, how to’s and walk you through the work so that you are capable to do it yourself. Also she can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out. After the launch, I made $2000 in my first month. Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.” Melissa Simard, owner at

Sweet Medicine

 “I was struggling with technology, marketing, and income in my business, and it was really holding back my growth. Since I started working with Carrie, I have brought in 10 new clients!I approach my work differently because I feel refreshed and have new techniques for how I run my business.” Sweet Medicine Nation, Choctaw Wisdom Keeper

Melanie Good At You

 “Carrie is an expert at digital marketing and design and she helped me figure out how to set things up in my business so that all my systems were running more smoothly and effectively.

She’s patient, kind, wise and is such a helpful guide when it comes to helping you set up the important building blocks to grow your business.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology or constantly stuck on what to focus on next to grow your business—I highly recommend working with Carrie! She is great at helping you create results quickly!” Melanie Hersch, Empowered Dating and Relationship Coach at