In pursuit of simplicity

Carrie JordanEarth Wisdom

In today’s day and age, it is hard to find a moment of solitude. Everything is easy. Easy transportation, easy communication, easy entertainment, easy and fast food. To live a mindful life takes an extra step to sometimes avoid the ease with which you can skip some steps and get more done. However, the beauty of life is usually found … Read More

Digging and blooming

Carrie JordanEarth Wisdom

The name “January” is derived from the name of the Roman god, Janus, the masculinized form of Anna Perenna, the goddess of the coming year as well as all the years before and all the years ahead. Like Anna, Janus looks into the past and future at the same time. This makes January a great time to examine where we … Read More

The Importance of Optimism

Carrie JordanEarth Wisdom, Feminine Leadership

Optimism is really a way of life or a path; and if you fall off of it, it can be like a downward spiral. Our lives are not written in the stars; I really believe that we manifest our own lives and that which we focus on, no matter if it is good or bad, becomes a reality. That’s why … Read More

Healing and grounding foods for health

Carrie JordanWomb Wisdom

Photo Source  I have had a nasty cold for about a week now, and in the past I have found that a good way to help your body recover is by grounding both with root vegetables and grounding foods like chocolate (not too much sugar though!) and nuts. I have been making huge pots of what I call Root Soup … Read More

Management: Mutual Respect and Humility

Carrie JordanWomb Wisdom

We spend more than 40 hours per week with our co-workers. I spend more time with my coworkers than I spend with my friends, my boyfriend, or my family. So, it is important that the environment I work in is filled with mutual respect, humility, and most of all, that it facilitates my growth and my coworkers’ growth. Clayton Christensen, … Read More

Why your 20s matter

Carrie JordanFeminine Leadership

I have been doing a lot of research on the life decade: the 20s, lately because at times I feel lost and I know my peers feel the same way. I resolved to bring myself out of the dark, into the light by educating myself about what this time really means and what I am really supposed to be focusing … Read More