How I gave up caffeine and alcohol

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

When we meet up with friends, we often say, “Want to meet for coffee?” “Want to get a drink?” These lovely beverages have become a past time and a part of our society.

Women who don’t like women

Carrie JordanLife Design

“I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t get along with other women. Most of my friends are guys—Women create too much drama.”

How to create an authentic personal brand

Carrie JordanShamanism

Being authentic doesn’t mean showing every part of yourself all the time. It means being conscious of the authentic parts of yourself you choose to convey through your actions and choices.

An ode to my momma

Carrie JordanShamanism

My mom is the best mom for me. She is the kindest, sweetest woman I have known, yet she doesn’t ever let anyone push her around. She is really smart. She never stops giving. She is strong. She is loyal. She is wise. She supports my decisions (usually. sometimes I have to tell her to ;) She smells good. She … Read More

Mandala Offering

Carrie JordanShamanism

When I stop to make an offering to the earth with a simple prayer, I feel much more conscious and connected to her.

Less thinking, more doing

Carrie JordanLife Design

If we always gave in to the monkey mind who says, “I don’t wanna” or “how will you ever do that?” we would never get anywhere in life.

Stamp storm

Carrie JordanShamanism

A flurry of postage stamps on a busy overpass took me on an afternoon tangent.