Shamanic skills you need to become a mature spiritual adult

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shamanic skills and shamanism

Shamanism is a way of life that exists all over the globe throughout every indigenous culture. It is similar around the globe because these sets of shamanic skills and similar cosmologies came from the earth. People were learning to be in right relationship with the earth in their time. Now we are learning how to be in right relationship with … Read More

Rites of passage in the modern world

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rite of passage prayer

When we experience challenging patterns and ordeals in our lives, it’s an indication that our psyches are ready to move on to the next phase of our soul’s evolution through rites of passage. These are known as initiations in the indigenous worldview. They mark a passage to the next chapter or phase of life. Since intentional rites of passage and … Read More

What to document in your journal on a daily basis

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I’m a huge fan of self documentation and I created a life design planner to help people to do that. As you may know, self documentation is one of the best ways to identify your patterns (both the ones you like and the ones you don’t like), what your unconscious is telling you, continue doing what works, and make changes.  … Read More

Wheel of the year: Your ultimate guide to setting goals with the quarter and cross-quarter holidays

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The Solstices and Equinox are powerful alignments that have been part of celebrations and human consciousness for millennia—just look at sacred places such as the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, or Angkor Wat, and other sacred places that were constructed long ago for the purpose of aligning with the sun at these important quarters of the year. When we consciously align ourselves … Read More

Working with tarot for your personal and career goals

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The history of Tarot Tarot cards have existed since the year 1392 (The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, 104). The deck of Tarot has many histories, and it is of mysterious origin. Many people day that the gypsies of Europe created the original deck.  To me, the most compelling explanation for the development of the Tarot deck is that it was a way for heretics (who … Read More

5 ways to cultivate confidence and self expression

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When you make a conscious choice to cultivate confidence and express yourself, you decide to take conscious control over your unconscious ways of being. This is a process of unifying your mind with how your body responds, and create a new way of thinking, doing and being. Your mind processes ideas that you have not yet experienced; a potential for … Read More

How to set personal goals

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Setting goals for your hobbies

In a society that values work, material success, and achievement, some women find themselves feeling guilty for not setting goals. What if you’re content with life right now? Maybe you set lots of goals for your career, and you want to focus on personal goals. Do you want to take a break from striving?  Let’s welcome that! When we feel … Read More

How to incorporate your womanly wisdom into your goals and work

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There is truly something magic about writing down my goal, then watching it materialize as I take step after step toward it. For me, practicing forms of folk magic is a huge part of my goal setting process. In this blog, I’ll teach you six ways to incorporate your wisdom, magic, and spirituality into your goal setting and your daily … Read More

First explore your desire. Then set your goals.

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Depth of desire in goal setting

Note: Make sure you listen to the meditation at the end of this post to harvest the wisdom from Future You! Many people think that they know how to set goals. Yet, why is it that very few people actually have goals? If you ask a stranger on the street what their goals for this quarter are, the chances are … Read More