Why mindset matters

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What you do is only as effective as how you are being. That is because the thoughts and beliefs that make up your identity (who you are in the world) influences how you behave. Therefore, your mindset impacts your results. The brain is a machine that loves to be efficient by repeating patterns. These patterns exist in our brains as … Read More

Episode 12: Music as Activism with Darren Thompson


Darren Thompson

Darren Thompson, Ojibwe flute player, journalist, and organizer from the Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Wisconsin, is here to talk about his experience as a journalist and activist. He shares how his work as a musician has informed his activism and his dedication to preserving his culture. Darren Thompson is a Native American flute player, journalist, and organizer from the … Read More

How the life design method works

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How the life design method works

The Life Design Method is a way to set visions and goals in collaboration with the spirit world based in a shamanic worldview. In this method, we have the orientation that there is always a solution. When I initially applied the solutions orientation to my life, I had to summon courage. Consequently I endured a pain because I had to … Read More

Episode 11: The Path of Pollen with Ariella Daly

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Ariella Daly is here to talk about the ancient shamanic tradition of the Path of Pollen, which originated in Ancient Greece, Lithuania, and the British Isles. The Path of Pollen does not teach beekeeping as we know it today, but works with the honey bee as a living symbol, ally and motif.  For Ariella, honey bees are one of the … Read More

Episode 10: Following the Original Instructions with Tat Erick Gonzalez

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Our guest Tat Erick Gonzalez, Mayan Elder and Earth Wisdom Keeper is here to talk about following spiritual instructions, unification, and a future we can work toward. Plus, as a special gift you can download seven of Tat Erick’s introductory audio teachings to go along with this episode by clicking here and becoming a patron of the podcast. If you … Read More

Mindset shifts that will help you achieve your goals

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Best mindset shifts

Mindset is one of the most important parts of the Life Design Method because your thoughts inform your results. How are you thinking about yourself and your work? According to the Life Coach School model, the thoughts we think inform our feelings, which inform our actions, and finally our results. If you’re not getting the results you want, you can … Read More

September New Moon Spell

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Ep. 9: The Wisdom of Emotion with Ryu Koyama

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The mind and body are intimately connected. Our expressed and repressed emotions influence our nervous systems, our relationships to ourselves, other, and our bodies. When we work with our emotions, our nervous system, and our bodies to release and we’re more able to embrace our wholeness. IN THE INTRO:Patreon giveaway: Guided meditation IN THE INTERVIEW How attachment theory influences emotional … Read More