Episode 18: Bridging Cultures with Sarah Maclean Bicknell

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Sarah Maclean Bicknell

In the episode you’ll hear about: How true wisdom comes from darkness and transition How listening and prayer go hand in hand How the earth is shifting consciousness and we are dreaming the big dream, the songlines are shifting. Tarot as an entry point to coming into coherence and alignment with one’s soul path Being a bridge between cultures and … Read More

Episode 17: Mayan Prophecy with Nan Heddi Gonzalez-Neale

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

Nan Heddi Gonzalez-Neale rise collective podcast earth peoples united

Nan Heddi Gonzalez-Neale has been working to support the exchange of Earth Wisdom alongside her husband, Tat Erick Gonzalez from episode 10, since 1998. Fluent in Spanish, she has traveled throughout the United States, Guatemala, Canada, and Northern Europe to help organize, facilitate, and interpret for various international Councils and ceremonial gatherings with Mayan and other indigenous elders, as well … Read More

RC016 Following The Next Steps with Ann Filemyr

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

Rise Collective Podcast episode with Ann Filemyr

Ann Filemyr is here to talk about her path and twenty years serving as the oshkibewis or helper for the late Keewaydinoquay, an Anishinaabeg mashkikiwe (Ojibwe plant medicine woman). Ann Filemyr, Ph.D., is the fourth President of Southwestern College following four and a half years as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean. She also serves as the Director of … Read More

Episode 15: Divine Feminine with Sweet Medicine Nation

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Sweet Medicine Nation on the Rise Collective Podcast

Today Grandmother Sweet Medicine Nation is on the show for the second time. This time, she is sharing some teachings about the Divine Feminine. Sweet Medicine Nation is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and medicine Teacher and guide. With her eloquence, wisdom, and gifts she’s dedicated her life to offering opportunities for people to experience a conscious and deep connection … Read More

The two secrets to achieving your goals (they’re not what you think!)

Carrie JordanLife Design

Learn how adding time for play and time for rest and self care is integral to achiveing success and wellness. Make sure these are part of your goal setting and goal planning.

I have a very important question: When was the last time you woke up completely rested…or the last time you totally lost track of time and lost yourself in the joy of play? I hope your answer is “yesterday” or “this morning”! But if the answer is that you don’t remember, let’s explore. Children lose themselves in the bliss of movement … Read More

How to choose your word of the year

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

How to choose your word of the year

We talk about how “Your word is your wand.” Choosing a word of the year, quarter, month, or week is no exception. The words that you choose to speak and the words that you choose to focus on are spells that create energetic stamps in your life. As you consider your word for the year, consider that you could choose … Read More

Learning to Care for Your Mind and Body

Carrie JordanLife Design, Womens Wisdom

By Mollie Wilson For years, stress, anxiety, and sleepiness were all part of my regular routine. I’d wake up after a restless night, eat whatever was quick, and run out the door with a messy bun, no makeup, and dark under-eye circles. These negative habits – not eating right, not sleeping, and constantly feeling stressed – took a toll on … Read More

Episode 14 : Contemporary Shamanism with Christina Pratt

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Christina Pratt of the Last Mask Center. is here to talk about shamanism and how it can help us in our contemporary lives. Christina Pratt opened the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in New York in 1990. She has been serving clients on both coasts since then, and she opened the Center in Portland in 2001. Christina’s training began in 1986 … Read More

9 signs your passage from childhood to adulthood is complete

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Initiation into adulthood requires that we heal our past and leave childhood behind and marks a rite of passage into responsibility in the community. This can mean healing trauma, or shifting co-dependent and dysfunctional behaviors that might be present in families of origin. However, initiation and rites of passage are missing in our society and most people do not mark … Read More

How your ancestors could be holding you back

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism

We all come from a long line of ancestors dating back millions of years. While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Our lineage includes: Those not yet born, living descendants, you, living elders, remembered dead, lineage between ancestral guides and remembered dead, ancestral guides, and … Read More