How to incorporate your womanly wisdom into your goals and work

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There is truly something magic about writing down my goal, then watching it materialize as I take step after step toward it. For me, practicing forms of folk magic is a huge part of my goal setting process. In this blog, I’ll teach you six ways to incorporate your wisdom, magic, and spirituality into your goal setting and your daily … Read More

First explore your desire. Then set your goals.

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Depth of desire in goal setting

Note: Make sure you listen to the meditation at the end of this post to harvest the wisdom from Future You! Many people think that they know how to set goals. Yet, why is it that very few people actually have goals? If you ask a stranger on the street what their goals for this quarter are, the chances are … Read More

Why people historically worshipped a magnet in the sky and how you can too

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Women have been aligning their cycles, actions, plans, and lives with the moon for millennia. Only recently in the scale of human history have women stopped doing so. Yet many are remembering this ancient practice and tradition, including you, sister. Grandmother Moon teaches us about our cycles. In ancient times, the elders and priestesses would be the ones to teach … Read More

How to sleep better during pregnancy

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How to sleep during pregnancy

This article is a contributed guest post. Many women find it challenging to get enough sleep during pregnancy. From hormonal and body changes, to anticipating changes in lifestyle the new baby will bring. Sleep and circadian rhythm are some of the most important elements of health and wellness of mind, body, and soul. Yet adequate sleep is one of the first … Read More

Undisclosed yet common IUD side-effects

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IUD side effects

Recently I interviewed Tamara Wilder, founder of an Intrauterine Device (IUD) Awareness Group and IUD educator. She encourages women to share their experience with IUDs so that women considering an IUD for birth control can gather more information beyond what little information conventional doctors provide in order to make an educated decision. This article contains Tamara’s personal story, early warning … Read More