Boulder Front range menstrual guide teacher first period for preteen girls and teenage girls

Are you a mama looking for help talking to your daughter and her friends about their period? 


You need a menstrual guide.

When a girl transitions from child to woman, she needs structure for her rite of passage.

Your daughter is mortified to talk to you about her first period…or her changing body in general. You’re looking for someone who knows all about women’s health to usher your daughter into a new chapter and phase of her life: being a woman.

You want to talk to your daughter about:

The sacredness of menstruation

The way she might interact with boys and men

Safe sex

Meet your menstrual guide

Carrie Jordan Moon Magic Marketing Business Accelerator

Hi, I am Carrie Jordan, and as a menstrual guide, I teach pre-teen girls, teenage girls and young women about their periods.

My immersion into womens health and earth wisdom began at a young age and has continued in my work as a birth doula and earth medicine practitioner. 

My work in the world is empowering women through connection with their wombs, the earth, and co-creating a new feminine leadership paradigm where women are accessing all of their feminine gifts in service. I do it because these ancient ways have changed my life.


How does it work?

I understand that every young woman has different preferences, discomforts, and challenges. Depending on you and your daughter’s unique circumstances, we will work together to design a program that fits your needs.

I work with young women and mamas in person at my space located in South Boulder, Colorado.

We can also work together long-distance.

The program can include:

  • A customized first menses ceremony to celebrate your daughter’s period and gift her with the women’s mysteries.
  • One to one guidance with your daughter and/or her intimate group of friends, with a lesson plan and Q&A
  • The Rhythm School program
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Working with your daughter and her boyfriend around their intentions for their relationship

Yes, let’s create the experience


I can’t wait to meet you and your daughter.