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About Carrie Jordan and The Rise Collective

The Rise Collective is helping working women step into their roles as wisdom keepers and feminine light bringers in their communities.

We all desire to know ourselves and our place in the world, to celebrate with community, and to be awakened and empowered so that our gifts may make themselves known to us.

The Rise Collective is an online and in-person community that supports women in awakening and empowering the feminine spirit, aligning with their goals and values, and making change effectively with somatics and nature as the teachers.

We stand for raising the vibration of consciousness on the planet to the frequency of Love, 528 Hz. We are rising to the occasion of our times, bringing forth the medicine for planetary healing.

In the Moon Magic Program, we combine Earth Wisdom and Womb Wisdom into a powerful and soulful experience that helps women discover the sacred in every day and step into a new version of womanhood.

The intimate and experiential program supports our relationships with the earth medicine of the natural world, with our own bodies and wombs.

About Carrie Jordan

Carrie Jordan Rise Collective Womens LeadershipI’m Carrie Jordan, steward of the earth and midwife of the Feminine Leadership Paradigm.

My work in the world is empowering women through connection with their wombs, the earth, and co-creating a new feminine leadership & business paradigm.

In my work with women, I draw on my experience as an earth medicine practitioner, artist, author, coach, birth doula, dance and yoga teacher, career coach, business owner, herbalist, and serial entrepreneur.

I spent the first part of my professional life working full-time in the corporate world as a designer. At the same time, I received my shamanic training from Pixie Lighthorse and Sweet Medicine Nation, coaching certification at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO, Career Coach certification with Sue Frederick, Doula training at Sterling Doulas, and dance teacher training at Became The Dance in Denver, CO.

I studied design at Syracuse University and Marketing at the University of Washington.

As founder of The Rise Collective, I created the Life Design Planner, an annual/quarterly/monthly/weekly planner featuring my feminine-dominant goal setting method, the Life Design Method. I also created the Desire Journal, a daily journal which supports women in tracking menstrual cycles and moon cycles in service of their soul’s great work in the world.

I host the Rise Collective Podcast featuring stories from wisdom keepers and light bringers of the world. I offer one on one support and courses for women who are ready to step into their roles as light bringers and wisdom keepers in their communities.

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