Feminine Goal Accelerator

Helping “stuck” soulful creatives make progress on their business goals so that they can finish what they start.

I currently have space to welcome:

Two new clients

I work with a select group of highly motivated people at once. If you are fueled by a fire and want to honor your soul’s mission to lead and be of service let’s talk.

“I was struggling with confidence, courage, organization, and unfinished projects.

Since we started working together my client base has expanded and I am able to draw income from both clients and a new class that Carrie helped me organize and publicize.

I procrastinate less, fear technology less, and have gained courage to speak my truth.”

Karen Roberts

Energy Healer, Author, Channel to the Angelic Realms, New Beginnings Through Healing

How the free consultation works:

  1. Click the button and choose a time
  2. During your consultation, we’ll clarify your career goals and I’ll suggest tips & tools for you
  3. We’ll decide if we are a good fit
  4. When you enroll I’ll send you preparation materials and we’ll schedule our first official call

Although writing down your career goals and accountability are the first steps to follow-through, most people don’t write down their goals or have accountability.

I’m on your team.

Everyone should have the support they need to live their life’s work. That’s why I care about fulfilling what success means to you. 

In the Feminine Business Accelerator you’ll transform from:

  • Confused
  • Overwhelmed
  • Low-performance autopilot


  • Clear
  • Focused and on-path
  • Intentional and high-performance

“The work with Carrie brought more enthusiasm among my work place with my employees, and strengthened my leadership.

I recommend working with Carrie specially if you do not understand how to navigate through computer/tech stuff, plus a lot more—fast and efficient, critical analysis to evaluate the your business’s viability and shift so that it is viable. And doing it all while maintaining connection to the Spirit of your visions.”

Julie Foster NP

Founder, Pohala Healing Clinic

“The entire experience of the Feminine Business Accelerator was amazing. Carrie will help you learn and leave you with templates, how to’s and walk you through the work so that you are capable to do it yourself. Also she can really hear your story and the message you want to bring out.

After the launch, I made $2000 in my first month. Hire Carrie if you want authenticity and results.”

Melissa Simard

Founder, Vivi Soi Skincare

About me

Hi, I’m Carrie and I’ll be your guide. As a professional marketing designer for over ten years and a certified coach, I help people live up to their full potential. 

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your career and business, let’s talk. We’ll get you out of that rut, and on track to what “success” means to you.

How the Feminine Business Accelerator works

  1. Weekly calls
  2. Strategy and mindset support
  3. Create a plan for the quarter
  4. Create a weekly focus on our weekly call
  5. Work together to make progress on your business goal