How to design your best year ever

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best year ever design

Happy new year! Everyone is setting resolutions and intentions for their best year ever, and of course it is always a challenge to stay on track with our busy modern lives.

I find it incredibly satisfying to track my goals from year to year, quarter to quarter, month to month, and week to week, setting intentions and planting seeds at each new moon, so I made this for you.

Creating a plan helps me stay accountable and take responsibility for my life. Seeing my progress on paper helps me appreciate my journey and where I am right now.

How to master monthly tasks and make it your best year ever

One way I like to make sure I’m sticking to my guns with monthly goals is by using post-it notes that are on the wall. My colleague taught me this trick, and I love to use it in my personal goal-setting as well. Here’s how it works: 

Write down all your goals and tasks on post its, then categorize in columns on the wall called “on deck,” “in progress,” and “complete.” It is a simple and very rewarding pleasure to move a note to the “Complete” column!

productivity with post-it notes

Sacred Activism commitments for the year

Among other things, I am committing to walk in a sacred manner that aligns strongly with my values. That means committing to my practice and being of service in the world whether it’s through political rallies or community service work.

For example, this past year my Sacred Activism plan was to work with young girls in schools to teach them about menstruation. However I re-prioritized because it came to my attention that our community needed to come together to prevent oil companies from force-pooling people’s land and fracking in our tax-payer-owned open space. Life doesn’t always turn out how we plan, but when we pay attention to the signals we are guided in the right direction.

P.S. The Life Design Planner will help you create an awesome year, as well. It’s designed with over 15 unique activities to envision and get what you want.

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