How to have the best year ever

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Create a design for your best year ever. Learn to set your goals for every domain of your life and stay accountable to your plan. In this article, you'll learn some of the best goal planning and goal setting tips.

Even if you’re committed to your goals and committing to creating your best year ever, it can be a challenge to stay on track with our busy modern lives.

I find it incredibly satisfying to track my goals from year to year, quarter to quarter, month to month, and week to week, setting intentions and planting seeds at each new moon.

Creating a plan helps me stay accountable and take responsibility for my life. Seeing my progress on paper helps me appreciate my journey and where I am right now.

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Tend your mindset for your best year ever

Mindset is one of the most important parts of the Life Design Method because your thoughts inform your results. How are you thinking about yourself and your work? According to the Life Coach School model, the thoughts we think inform our feelings, which inform our actions, and finally our results.

If you’re not getting the results you are looking for, it could be because you need to choose another strategy to work with. Alternatively, it could be that your goal is causing you emotional distress which is working against you. And that would be a result of leaving your “thought garden” without tending. When your thoughts are not intentional, your feelings or actions will also not be intentional.

You can’t go wrong with a solutions-oriented mindset.

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Co-create with your spirit helpers

When you choose your goals, remember to make it a combination of what you want to create and what your spirit helpers are willing and wanting to help you create. The Life Design Method incorporates shamanism with goal-setting so that you can co-create with your guides.

Make personal goals

In a society that values work, growth and achievement, it can feel counter-cultural to focus on personal goals. But often, this is a great place to start because women tend to feel less emotional distress around fun goals.

This article shares how to decide which personal goal to focus on.

Meanwhile, if it’s personal development or personal growth that you’re after, there are lots of seminars and classes to check out. Alternatively, you can incorporate methods of personal growth into your everyday habits.

Honor your time and commitments

I hear people complain all the time that they don’t have the money for this, or that; that they can’t get out of debt; that they don’t have the time for this or that. Then I see them wasting time on social media; watching too much TV; over drinking; over eating; or spending money in foolish ways on things that they clearly don’t need.

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You have time for what you make time for. Ever since I started using a calendar to plan my to-do list, my commitment to honoring my time has become stronger. My commitment is to be the kind of woman who does what she says she’ll do. Download the “Design Your Week” PDF here and learn how to use this method.

Incorporate self documentation so you can see what’s working and not working

Self documentation is one of the best ways to identify both your conscious and unconscious patterns, continue doing what works, and make changes to what doesn’t.

This article goes into depth on different ways to document yourself in your journal.

Schedule your self care ahead of time for the best year ever

Self care can reinvigorate your energy, and clean your slate so tha tyou can start fresh when you go back to your regular life.

Here are some ways that you can create your self care day or weekend to go from feeling depleted to ready to move forward:

Productivity: How to master monthly tasks

One way I like to make sure I’m sticking to my guns with monthly goals is by using post-it notes that are on the wall. My colleague taught me this trick, and I love to use it in my personal goal-setting as well. Here’s how it works: 

Write down all your goals and tasks on post its, then categorize in columns on the wall called “on deck,” “in progress,” and “complete.” It is a simple and very rewarding pleasure to move a note to the “Complete” column!

productivity with post-it notes

Sacred Activism commitments for the year

Among other things, I am committing to walk in a sacred manner that aligns strongly with my values. That means committing to my practice and being of service in the world whether it’s through exercising my constitutional rights or community service work.

How to have the best year ever.  Monthly goal setting for adults with personal goals, business goals, and life goals for the future. Learn how to set goals for the year and achieve them! Make sure you download the printable goals worksheet!

For example, in 2018 my Sacred Activism plan was to work with young girls in schools to teach them about menstruation. However I re-prioritized because it came to my attention that our community needed to come together to prevent oil companies from force-pooling people’s land and fracking in our tax-payer-owned open space.

In 2020 and 2021 the issue of body sovereignty, informed medical consent, censorship, and government overreach have my attention.

Life doesn’t always turn out how we plan, but when we pay attention to the signals we are guided in the right direction.

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