Enjoying the last restorative week of winter

Carrie JordanLife Design, Shamanism, Womens Wisdom

photo of a rose bud

Winter is the time to hibernate and reflect on the year behind us. What have we accomplished? What do we still need to face or deal with? What do we really want? Although the days are already longer and we have the scent of spring in the air, this week is the final week of winter before we move into Spring. It’s time to soak up the rest, to restore, and to focus and reflect inwardly before we move into the energetic time of the spring here in the northern hemisphere.

On next week’s Spring Equinox on March 20th, our new moon will be in Pisces and there will also be a total solar eclipse! With these three events, the cosmos are telling us to pause and reflect on our intentions for manifesting this year.

Our energy becomes stagnant during winter, and the equinox will be a great time to start revving our engines and get ready for a fun and joyful spring and summer!

Join us for Body Bliss Bootcamp, a free week-long online program where we will greet spring! We will commune with mama earth, take exquisite care of our bodies, play and laugh daily, cleanse our space, and much more. Can’t wait to meet you there!

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