Five organizing tips for a small space

Carrie JordanLife Design

As Gretchen Rubin says in her book The Happiness Project, and this Huff Post blog, “I fully appreciate the pleasure of having a place for everything, and … I find it easier to put things away in an exact place, rather than a general place.” I couldn’t agree more. It brings me more peace of mind when I can find things where they belong, and when I can quickly clean up by putting things away in their designated places.

For example, keeping extra candles in one drawer; Keeping all pens in the jar on the counter; Keeping all art supplies in one place.

Here are the five tips that helped me in my small space:

Footwear Storage

Create more floor or shelf space by hanging boots from hangers.

Photo of a hanger with boots clipped on

 Jewelry Storage

Create a jewelry hanger by putting hooks in a a wood hanger, then use it to hang necklaces and bracelets.
Hanger with hooks on it for hanging jewelry

Store small jewelry like earrings and rings in an ice cub tray.

Use an ice cube holder to store earrings.

Craft Supply Storage

Store arts and craft supplies in a shoe holder. This is my favorite one and saves so much space.

Shoe holder for holding arts and crafts

Keeping Track of the Details

The blog A Bowl Full of Lemons has some great organizing templates. Specifically I have a binder where I keep track of my car maintenance, budgeting, taxes, grocery lists, travel destinations, medical information, birthdays of loved ones, my wish list, and contacts.

Keep track of life's details with binders

Bonus Tip: Obvious, but essential

Put a bowl on a table in your entryway (like this pretty anthro bowl) where keys, phone, wallet, and a lovely scented candle live. Voilá! Never search for your keys again :)

A bowl to keep the keys in