What do you do when your goals are not materializing?

Carrie JordanFeminine Leadership

What to do when your goals are not materializing and manifestation is not working. If you are trying to manifest a goal, you might not be doing the right things to have it appear. Here are some tips.

Often people ask me what to do when their goals are not materializing. What comes to mind when someone asks me this is that they may be thinking that their goal is something that they want to “manifest.”

I definitely believe in the power of manifestation, and I also believe that we need to do the work and show up for “the universe,” or what I call the unseen forces, to support us. Our guides and those in the unseen realms can’t do all the work for us in their realms. They can make ideal settings for us, but we have to make an effort to show up for the goals to materialize and come to fruition. 

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There are a few reasons that your goals may not be materializing:

You’re not taking inspired action. Instead, you’re waiting on the universe to drop it in your lap. Stop being lazy and get creative. If what you’re currently doing is not creating results, craft another strategy. Take another route and make a different inspired action. 

Poor planning. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or burnt out, it could mean that you’re having stressful thoughts about your goal, or that you’ve been planning poorly. Get your calendar out and make a structured plan and *stick to it* so that you know when you’re working toward your goal, versus when you’re playing and when you’re resting. 

why your goal is not materializing when you're working with the law of attraction

Your goal is no longer relevant. At the beginning of 2019, I created amazing goals for myself and my business. Then I found out I was pregnant. Then I lost a ton of energy in my first trimester and had about 5 productive hours per day. My goals were no longer relevant to my life. So check in: does this goal still fit? Are you still lit up by it? If not, reevaluate and reframe. Maybe come up with a new goal. Move the date back. Give yourself more time.

Ask for help from your community. What kind of support from your community do you need in order to achieve your goal? Talk about your goal with your friends and colleagues who will listen—maybe they know someone who can advance your efforts. If you keep your work and your experience to yourself, you won’t have the help of “the field,” also known as the collective, behind your efforts. Get the support you need! In this society, it can be challenging to ask for help. Simply asking for a witness or asking “can I share this with you?” can provoke meaningful conversations and new ideas. 

Get accountability. Studies have shown that accountability is a huge marker for success. All of my goal coaching clients work with me for accountability, plus one particular client has a separate group that he works with for accountability every single week with what he calls an “ACT List.” This is his list of what he will complete for the week and he always makes sure that he completes the list. 

Are your thoughts holding you back? If you look at your thoughts, you can predict your results. Make sure to tend your mindset like a garden. What are your default thoughts and feelings? Once you identify those, you’ll be able to see what your results will be. If your thoughts are not supportive, you will not succeed. Your feelings come from your thoughts. And your reaction (thoughts) to your desire can sometimes cause suffering. If joy comes from your thinking, achieving something through actions and results are not going to “make” you happier. 

Ask yourself if you are you creating limiting beliefs. One very common limiting belief is that we need to ask for abundance. Actually, we don’t create abundance. Abundance is already here. Are you creating limitation? Limitation is something that humans are great at creating for themselves! Instead of asking for abundance, ask for your limiting blocks to be removed. 

You’re not treating yourself as if you were worth it. How have you been feeding yourself? How have you been exercising? If you’re treating yourself like you don’t matter, the unseen realms take that as a sign that…you don’t matter. Stand up and claim your “worth.” And I don’t mean by “charging what you’re worth.” That’s a whole different tangent that I won’t get into right now. What I mean is, YOU MATTER. Treat yourself, your emotional, physical, mental body like an olympic athlete and see how much more great stuff enters your life like magic.

And, sister, sometimes we fail, and that’s ok! The great thing about goal setting, even if we fail, is that it still moves us forward. We still learned. We still had an experience of life. We still rounded out our story. We still tried something new. 

I’ve shared before about all of my failed goals and businesses. Following the desire to try new things and experience more is a natural part of being human and goal-setting can help us do this.