How to make a sparkley ladybug costume

Carrie JordanWomens Wisdom

For Hallow’s Eve this year I decided to be a ladybug. They have a special meaning for me and really remind me of my grandmother, so I wanted to honor her! Here is a DIY of how I made my cape. It cost me only $15.


1.5 yards of very sparkly red fabric

Half a yard of black velvet fabric

Black thread



1. Cut 2 corners of of the bottom of the cape to make a half circle. The top edge is the edge that will tie on your neck and it should be the length of your arms:


2. Cut a 1-inch wide strip of the black fabric the height of the cape and sew it in the middle:


3.Cut out ten black velvet circles for the spots of the ladybug:


4. Ask your cat to help you sew the dots on.

5. Cut 1.5 inch wide strips of fabric for the ends of the cape (two of these will tie around your fingers and one will tie around your neck). Sew them on.
6. Make your boyfriend dress like a bumble bee.
7. Be fabulous.