How to integrate what you read and learn

Carrie JordanShamanism

A wisdom keeper is hungry for wisdom, that’s for sure! As a former book-devourer myself, I see lots of people in our conscious community reading a lot of the same books. Are we really taking in the information as part of our being, or just parroting what we read? In the video I talk about how to integrate the information we learn as wisdom keepers.

People ask me how I retain what I learn and what I read. People ask me how I know so much about digital marketing, how I learned about social media, how I learned to market and launch my business. It’s from trying things, experimenting, and then trying more things. It’s from physically doing the actions, being who I want to be, and finding out what works, instead of just thinking about it or planning.

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Taking action, trying things that don’t work, and still trying it again requires the courage to “fail.”

This doesn’t just apply to business. It applies even more-so to life. It applies to how I have created space in my community to practice releasing my repressed childhood emotion: from doing it and being witnessed. From being emotional.

It applies to how I set boundaries: saying the words in a messy way, getting feedback, and trying again next time.

It applies to my spiritual life: I take note of what actions and patterns feel good to me. I take note of the guidance that comes through and if I asked for it or just followed my gut.

I talk about this experiential way of learning in this video.