The Rise Collective

A Feminine Mystery School

Where Courageous Wise Women go to become channels of light and embody their innate gifts because we chose to be on this planet during this time.

You’ll receive practical, usable solutions to embody the frequency of joy and love.

We are weaving a grid of Light across the planet. 

Our conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, and sense of worthiness emit a frequency that functions as an energetic mirror. This mirror reflects what is true within us into the world around us. What are you reflecting into the world?

You will learn to:

  • Unlock latent genetic code so that you can move to next level of excellence in your natural gifts
  • Create life based on your soul (innate) instead of based on your personality (learned)
  • Strengthen the light around your aura to bring more love and magnetism into your life


We are entering a new paradigm where instead of forcing ourselves into male molds, we welcome Woman in all her forms for our society and for our own lives. A new paradigm where it is not just “OK” to embody the feminine, but truly HONORED to be feminine; To be WOMAN.

This cultural and spiritual shift that calls forth the Courageous Wise Women.

Here’s the effect this could have on us: As humanity once again welcomes the Feminine instead of exiling Her, we will come back into relationship with Mother Earth.

You get:

Weekly video workshops.

Monthly Energy Healings.

A community of women that grow together.

Opportunity to teach.

All workshops will be recorded and you’ll have access to them in the members portal.


Preview the monthly calendar:

Monthly group energy healing: Because healers need healing. Valued at $135 per healing

Women’s Council: A monthly featured interview or class with rotating teachers.

Shamanic Study Group: Work with plant medicine, animal medicine, energy medicine, stone medicine, elementals, and more for personal healing and planetary healing. It will consist of book assignments, workshops, and teachings.

Free access to every monthly workshop (non-members pay $49 per workshop) including free access to The Rise Effect (valued at $297)

Mastermind Circle: For business owners. Ask questions, get advice, brainstorm, make plans, be held accountable to your word.

**Dates, times, and classes are subject to change based on group needs.


Founding Member Price:
$88 Per Month

This is a recurring charge.
You can cancel at any time.

Registration closes January 31 so that we can devote our energy to students. We will offer quarterly opportunities to join.








Your Hosts

Carrie Jordan

Carrie is the creator of the Life Design Planner® featuring her proprietary shamanic goal setting method The Rise Effect, author of Notes from the Stars, and hostess of the Rise Collective Podcast. She is a birth doula, mother, and the founder of She teaches about shamanism, body wisdom, and earth wisdom.

Carrie’s writing has been featured in Mind Body Green, WITCH Magazine, Elephant Journal, Sivana East, and The Wonder Forest.

Karen Roberts

Karen is a Divine communicator, energy healing practitioner, author of While You Were Dreaming, and teacher.

In 2008, Karen had a major life change through an Angelic intervention. Her intuitive, mediumship, and energy healing skills are a unique combination resulting from her life experience, life-long innate gifts, and her studies of Peruvian Shamanism, Reiki, Melchizedek Method, The Diana Cooper School-Foundation, and Advanced Angel Therapy with Dr. Doreen Virtue.

We will be adding guest teachers to the Council throughout the year.
The women in the Rise Collective will have an opportunity to teach one another.