The Life Design Planner will help you design life on your terms so that you can simplify your work and nourish your soul. 

Soulful creatives with long to-do lists love this life-changing planner.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or scattered, the Life Design Planner will guide you through a proven process to simplify your work, nourish your soul, and achieve your goals.

. Bring a fresh perspective to designing your path in life with a plan for the year, quarter, month, and week ahead while leaving room for magic to unfold.

“I LOVE this planner!!! I tried to do a bullet journal and it was a booger to keep up with. This planner has a place for everything I could ask for.

This planner is changing my life. I can see synchronicity so much more clearly with gratitude, dreams, messages and divination laid out in front of me on the same page, I have shown it to many friends. I hope you will be making these for a long, long time.​”

Carolyn Poulter

Maker, Mother, Creative Space Holder

Video Tour of the Life Design Planner:

Life Design is a lifestyle of intention, inspired action, and consistency.

  • Identify your true desires, uncover your insights, and honoring your visions.
  • Track your progress in creative, spiritual, and professional pursuits
  • “Be” your sacred feminine through reflective practices and rituals. 
  • “Do” your sacred masculine by working with goal-setting and navigation. 
  • Become the woman who is able to move toward your closely held desires, wishes, insights, goals, intentions, dreams, and visions. 

“I have tried uber-creative planners but they were too busy for me. I have tried corporate-type planners but they had no heart. Carrie has a solid base of heartful insight and practical foundation. This planner supports my need for organizing, tracking, and dream-storming.”

Nissa Howard


“I am so surprised to say that this is the best planner I’ve ever seen.”

Tanaya Caim

“The Life Design Planner goes above and beyond scheduling and organization. And it’s nothing like the standard, pretty, leather-bound journals you see everywhere.

This planner has changed my life.”

Allison Scott

“When I became a mom I forgot some of my hopes, dreams, and goals on a personal and business level. I found an amazing planner to help me organize all the things that are important to me. I’m not talking about having a place to write in my dentist appointments and meetings…I’m talking deep hopes and dreams, my weekly emotional goals, and a place where I can write how I am really feeling and how I really WANT to feel. This planner is where it’s at!”


Mountain Girl Clothing

“I’m in love with The Rise Collective’s Planner. It LITERALLY has every single thing I would want.”

Ayesha Ophelia

The Girlfriend Manifesto

I’ve really seen how the planner works in my life especially around gratitude but also around seeing my successes little or big. When I write down what I want, I can go back and actually see I got it!

Ingrid Callenberger

Guerilla Medicine