Maiden to Mother rite of passage during pregnancy and birth

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Maiden to Mother

My experience in the Maiden to Mother rite of passage

My first pregnancy & birth was a beautiful, challenging, and transformative rite of passage & spiritual experience.

At times I felt frustrated + alone searching for advice. But not just any run-of-the-mill unsolicited advice or projections people so freely give to pregnant women….ick. 

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So I became my own Wise Woman teacher. I recorded everything that I learned as a doula, mother, & Wise Woman.

  • I discerned what distortions I wanted to leave behind from my indoctrination and conditioning.
  • I created my new identity as a mother and grieved the death of my maiden identity.
  • I chose a home birth (you can read about it here) and requested the support that I wanted, how I wanted it.
  • I approached my pregnancy of birth as a spiritual rite of passage vision quest experience. I made hundreds of tangible prayers over 9 months, gathered my supporters, and felt connected with the spirit of my baby.

If you’re a pregnant mama or you know a pregnant mama, this might be for you…or your friend (share with her!)

I created a Maiden to Mother class for pregnant women approaching pregnancy & birth as a spiritual rite of passage. You can join the wait list here (I offer Maiden to Mother every 3 months)

Pregnancy and birth as a spiritual transformation

Pregnancy and birth can be a woman’s passage into a more powerful and ALIVE version of herself.

A woman is able to access her MOTHER archetype, the mama bear. The one who values her time and energy because there is so little of it. Her discernment around her YES and NO becomes laser sharp. As a result she herself gathers more definition of WHO SHE IS. Women who consciously complete this rite of passage into the MOTHER archetype are more satisfied in their lives.

The importance of the Maiden to Mother rite of passage

Unresolved ancestral energies and patterns get handed down through generations and maidens often experience soul loss. The result is feeling powerlessness and finding ways to blame it on “the world,” other people and experiences. Instead of taking 100 percent responsibility for their lives like a true adult. When we don’t recognize important rites of passage as what they are and what they can be, we ignore the death that happens to a woman. Her former identity dies, and she is born again as a mother.

But that’s often not how we do things in western society. Instead people get focused on decorations, parties, instagram posts, and pinterest perfection. When the inner experience is what will truly make a difference in a woman’s life.

How do pregnancy and birth YOUR way

What if you dreamed of being treated like the Queen Mother you are for your entire pregnancy and birth. What would happen if you were completely honored in your metamorphosis in exactly the ways you desire to be honored? This is possible. I want you to know that you can make this so, and shift the program for generations to come.

  • Get clear on what we have been conditioned and indoctrinated to believe about birth and pregnancy.
  • Be aware that we have a choice about what we actually desire at our core
  • Treat pregnancy and birth as a sacred vision quest ceremony
  • Be intentional about your new identity and rebirth as a mother.

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A mother is born, too

Most people think that during pregnancy and birth, simply a baby is born. It’s so exciting to hold the baby, and coo with the baby, buy the baby cute clothes, and make sure that the baby is comfortable. But this actually hurts mothers.

But I understand. Everyone says that a baby is being born. Everyone says, “that’s so exciting!” and projects their own feelings on a woman. They may not acknowledge that a woman can have multiple emotional experiences during her pregnancy. Everyone wants to come visit after the birth and hold the baby and welcome the baby.

A woman’s Maiden to Mother rite of passage is an ordeal

But what about the mother? She just went through a major ordeal. It is the mother who needs our attention as well. Her old identity is dead. She is transformed into a new woman. We must hold and welcome the mother as well.

So it’s easy to believe. But if it were true that a baby is being born, and we should all put our attention on that baby, then why is the rate of postpartum depression so high in the United States? 13% of U.S. moms reported experiencing postpartum depression in 2018, and 66% of PPD cases are undiagnosed.

If the way we do birth and pregnancy works, then why are so many moms experiencing postpartum depression? So it’s clear that not only a baby is being born during the pregnancy and birth process. Believing this could actually hurt mothers.

Do you know how you can actually get the support you want and need for your passage into motherhood? You intentionally approach your pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage.

So let me ask you: Do you really want to keep putting all of the attention on the baby being born and ignore the death and rebirth that a woman experiences? Or do you want to honor your transformation, get unparalleled support in the exact ways that you want it, and become the powerful Queen Mother that you are?

Come register for the Maiden to Mother class I am teaching. We will move through this deep, transformational and rewarding work together. Go to

How to approach your pregnancy and birth as a spiritual experience

In this section, you’ll see how to create an intentional plan for a spiritual approach to your pregnancy and birth.

This is part of the Maiden to Mother passage program I’m offering.

What most pregnant maidens do is defer to their parents, focus on parties. or decorations. That is why they can feel ignored, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied with their pregnancy or birth experience, and unprepared for motherhood. But this video will fix all that so you can go from Pregnant Maiden to Queen Mother.

We’re going to fix this with three reflection exercises. Get out your journal so that you can write it out.

Journaling Questions

  • Journal about your lineage. Explore how you learned to be a woman and a mother from the women in your family. You will be able to decide what to take as inspiration and what to leave behind.
  • Uncover your Conditioning- Realize what parts of your ideas about pregnancy and birth are simply conditioning and indoctrination. You will be able to clearly decide the experience that you want to have and create that.
  • Intentional pregnancy, birth, and postpartum planning – Create a clear plan for who is supporting you and exactly how. You will avoid people coming at you during a vulnerable time with unspoken and unreasonable expectations. You will get top notch support from those you want to count on.

When you follow these steps, you’ll create a spiritual approach to the pregnancy and birth. BUT if you don’t acknowledge and grieve that your old identity is metaphorically dying, then the passage will be incomplete.

Come register for the Maiden to Mother passage program I am teaching. We will move through this deep, transformational and rewarding work together. Go to to get on the wait list.