Masterclasses with Carrie

Join one masterclass or purchase the series of five masterclasses (held monthly through the rest of 2021).
An amazing deal since Body Bliss (not a masterclass but a 14-day experience) alone is $249.

Sovereignty Masterclass

Who would you be without the layers and layers of conditioned behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings? 

When you decondition and undoctrinate yourself from the propaganda that constantly infiltrates our consciousness, you will discover…YOU. 

Your truest essence, and what she is here to do. You will discover a new level of clarity, focus, forthrightness, and steadfastness; a grosgrain of belief in what is eternal to your soul.


body bliss bootcamp

Body Bliss Bootcamp

As you clear the channels and tune into your body, you’ll shift how you see yourself, and you’ll attract more magic into your life.

The wise woman priestess puts herself, her needs, her desire, her pleasure, FIRST. She lives like a queen because she knows that her body is her connection to Divinity, an embodiment of the Goddess herself on Earth.


life design-planning

Communication Masterclass

Develop your emotional intelligence as you foster depth and reveal your truth in your relationships. 

These teachings have a shamanic nature that will keep your psychic channels clear instead of clogging them with unnecessary drama.

You will learn how to skillfully initiate challenging conversations and make simple interactions profound.


Feminine Codes: Masterclass

Learn all you need to know about the magic of feminine power so that you can own yours.

You’ll learn about:

  • Ancient Priestess traditions
  • Feminine physiology: Birth control, “Period” moontime tracking, feminine mysteries
  • Owning & embodying your Feminine practically
  • How you learned to be Woman and your legacy

Coming Late October: $149

Align & Activate Masterclass

“Alignment,” the elusive buzz word of the new age world—what is it and how can we cultivate it to impact our lives in a positive way?

I’ll guide you through practices and insights that will help you align to your gifts. We’ll be working with the basics of your human design, astrology and gene keys as a map to uncover, wield, and activate.

November: $149