How I arrived on the Medicine Path

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medicine path

I arrived on the Medicine Path in 2011 after I was raped. 

I was twenty-three and was consequently blindsided by confusion, shame, depression, somatic dissociation, and disconnection from my intuition.

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Thankfully, Great Spirit guided me to find my way to a group of sisters. They were willing to help me pick myself up by my bootstraps and begin my healing. 

Due to that trauma, I spent my time climbing mountains, moving my body from which I had dissociated, reflecting, and looking for the teachers who would guide me.

Now I know that trauma can happen as a way to shake us out of a deep sleep, so that we wake up to our lives. Often our greatest wounds become the medicine for our souls and our great work in the world. It is an initiation of sorts.

If we have support, trauma and healing can help us remember who we really are. They call this the path of the wounded healer. This is not a path that we *want* to journey down. It is a path that finds us and nags us until we step onto it. If we don’t answer the nagging, we can be thrown into by a big life change out of our control.

Actually for me, the Medicine Path had been beckoning for quite some time. Inviting me softly through gentle nudges toward books, people and experiences. I can remember the nudges happening as early as when I was five years old.

Since I have committed to the Medicine Path, I am required to be more accountable, more committed, more responsible for the way I show up; the waves that I make in every area of my life, my community and relationships, especially my relationship with Spirit.

Especially relevant, many women don’t hear the calls of Spirit at all. For others, the call is still a quiet and soft whisper, as it was for me for many, many years. When you notice the call, you might wonder if you can really go there, or do that; if it would be too hard; you may fear the impact a new way of being would have on your life of comfort.

When we ignore our initiation, often something unplanned will happen to initiate us.

My human guides on the Medicine Path

In my early 20s, I was so thankful to have found a group of women in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. They held me with compassion and love as I walked through the valley of shame and grief. Similarly, I am so thankful today for all of my teachers who have initiated me and held the lantern along this sometimes dark and scary path.

My dance and embodiment practice helped me get back into my body after trauma and helped me embody what I was learning. I brought the lessons from the other realms into ordinary reality through movement and was able to reconnect with my intuition by trusting my body’s messages again.

Through healing my womb and working with her cycles mirroring those of the moon and the earth, I softened into my feminine nature.

The Rise Collective

The Rise Collective came forth without me knowing anything about the messaging or the mission. She had a life of her own. I just knew that something was coming through and I was guided to bring it to life. Now the Rise Collective has become a gathering place for women to become initiated into the mysteries of their moons and their magic; to step into their roles as light bringers and wisdom keepers in their communities. At times I wished that it had been easier for me to find such a community in my early twenties.

My work on the Medicine Path

My specialty is one of the purest forms of Earth Magic.

The Seer’s duty is to teach the mysteries of the moon and the earth; to draw wisdom from the earth, the shadowy realm of dreams and trancelike states; to balance emotion, intellect, and willpower.

I am your catalyst to externalize your wisdom and knowledge into a manifestation of creative work in the material world.

I am a steward of the earth and midwife of the Feminine Leadership Paradigm. As such, a mediator of the feminine intuitive principle. My mediation is based on grounded energy and skill that comes through me from the earth. As a guide to the soul, I spur people to create change in our material world, mediating between the elemental forces of nature and humans.

In the same fashion, today I teach practical magic skills for the modern world: Moon Magic and Earth Wisdom, ancestral healing, Sacred Activism, and feminine leadership skills.

I see that indigenous, ancestral, and earth-based wisdom is quickly disappearing. Those of us acquainted and committed to the Old Ways have a duty to pass on the wisdom to the next generation; to keep this wisdom alive.

It is clear to me that:

  • The Divine Feminine is rising once again
  • People everywhere need help connecting with the natural world, Mother Earth
  • We need to normalize being in relationship with the animate and spirit world with reciprocity
  • Girls and women need teachers to help them learn about the sacredness of their physiology and their moon cycle
  • Men need women’s compassionate guidance in how to be of service
  • We all need to connect with our desire, find the courage to reveal our true selves, and heal our shame in community.

In conclusion I’m here to hold the space for these shifts to take place, to co-create a new reality with all of you, to mediate between the realms, and to recognize the magic of every day.