Learning to Care for Your Mind and Body

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By Mollie Wilson

For years, stress, anxiety, and sleepiness were all part of my regular routine. I’d wake up after a restless night, eat whatever was quick, and run out the door with a messy bun, no makeup, and dark under-eye circles.

These negative habits – not eating right, not sleeping, and constantly feeling stressed – took a toll on me physically and mentally, and I knew something had to change. So, I did my research, spoke with my doctor, and decided to embark upon a journey to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

My new lifestyle has provided me with more time and energy to do the things I want. I’ve weeded out negative practices and replaced them with positives, which has led to me looking and feeling better.

While reshaping your entire routine might sound hard, it’s more than worth it in the long-run. So here are several a few ways to help you care for your mind and body:

Nutritious Eating

Our food choices affect everything, from our weight to our mood. If you’re eating well, you tend to have more energy and feel happier, whereas oily, over-processed foods can make you feel sluggish and irritable.

Although healthy eating can take time and be expensive, I’ve found ways to cut back on both money and time. For instance, I start most of my days with overnight oats, which take about five minutes to put in a mason jar and are ready to eat first thing in the morning.

For lunch, I’ll have a smoothie with some greens, fruit, and protein milk, which also takes about five minutes to make. And at night, I’ll take a little more time cooking and splurge on something like a vegetable quiche or hearty soup.

Making Time for Exercise

My schedule is already packed, so at first, adding exercise didn’t make sense. When could I squeeze in a routine? What would I have to stop doing in order to make time? Of all the changes I made to my lifestyle, integrating exercise was the hardest – until I realized it didn’t have to be.

By just making a few adjustments, I was able to easily integrate exercise into my daily activities. For instance, instead of going to the movies with a friend, I’d invite them to the gym. And instead of having the kids stay home and play video games, we’d go to the pool, and I’d join in with them. These little adjustments made for big changes, and they left me feeling calm and energized while also allowing me to multitask.

The Little Things

Adjusting small, daily habits can create long-lasting changes. From reading an article while brushing your teeth to listening to music in the shower, there are easy ways to soothe your mind and body through everyday tasks.

Next time you’re out on a run, listen to a podcast or book on tape. Or if you have a long commute to work, pack a book to read on the train. Your mind and body will appreciate these little gestures, which will make even the most mundane tasks more enjoyable, and less stressful.


One of the best ways I’ve found to relieve stress is by using Sunsoil CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a well-known chemical compound that encourages relaxation and calmness. Sunsoil processes their organic hemp with coconut oil, thereby making it an affordable, ethical, and quality product.

By using Sunsoil CBD, I’m able to deal with my day-to-day stressors without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. I also feel more mentally alert and unencumbered, and I find myself getting longer, more restful sleep.

The Importance of Sleep

Few adults get their required 8 hours of sleep a night, which exposes them to a variety of cardiovascular, digestive, and immune system issues.

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Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid a late night, like if you’re caring for a sick child or have an important assignment due the next morning.

However, many adults simply go to bed too late. Taking magnesium before bed and avoiding blue-lights has worked wonders for me.

I’ve also cut out caffeine, and after a few weeks, I’m no longer dependent upon it; getting enough sleep provides energy on its own. I still need to make sure I’m in bed by a certain time, especially when I’m doing something I don’t have to be doing, like watching Netflix. But by keeping to a strict schedule and avoiding stimulants, I’m able to stay on track.

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Keeping a Planner

In my experience, a planner has held me accountable for both my good and bad decisions. I’m able to see a more holistic picture of my choices and how they affect one another. Additionally, I’m able to write down my goals and commit to them while also better understanding why they matter to me.

For the first few days of planner-writing, I noticed I was barely making headway on my goals. I would make a few changes but slowly devolve into old behaviors, or I’d make and keep one big change but not add any others.

Looking back on my planner, I can see just how important it was in encouraging my new behaviors. Furthermore, nowadays, the planner serves as encouragement in itself, since it’s a living document of all of the changes and improvements I’ve made.

Take Time to Appreciate Life and Be Joyful

With all the stressors in life, it can be difficult to sit back and think about the things we enjoy. However, taking stock of these people and activities can lead to us appreciating life more, which in turn encourages healthy practices.

Taking a few minutes in the morning to meditate can help you take stock of what’s worrying you, and in turn, help you come up with ways to fix that worry. By reflecting on things you appreciate, you’ll be more thankful, happier, and overall calmer.

It can be challenging to implement changes, but once you make them a habit, they stick. These changes have all led to me feeling less stressed and more energized, and they’ve allowed me to do more with my day.

While any change can be scary, these ones are worthwhile, and they’ve caused me to appreciate and care about my mind and body more than I ever have before. So, if you’re anxious, overworked, or fatigued, try these lifestyle changes, and get ready for a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Mollie Wilson

Mollie Wilson is a freelance writer from North Carolina. When she is not writing, she is perusing an adventures life- backpacking, climbing, exploring local coffee shops, and traveling.