The 10-Day Practice Challenge

Does this sound familiar?

“There’s no time for ME.”

“I’m giving to everyone else first, while my needs are on the backburner…or not on the “stove” at all.”

“I come last.”

I hear you, sister and you’re not alone.

So many women struggle with the paradox of the nurturer: Wanting to give to others…And yet not taking care of oneself.

Daily Practice ChallengeI have an idea: Let’s commit to creating time for YOU each day…until it becomes second nature.

In this 10-Day Challenge, you’ll fill your cup every day with a simple practice that works for your schedule.

BECAUSE YOU MATTER. Taking this very intentional time for you, how ever brief it may be, is a declaration that you matter to yourself and to the world. It’s not time to zone out or watch TV. It’s not time to clean the house. It’s time to focus on YOU. It doesn’t matter if it’s two minutes or an hour each day. It’s about mattering to yourself and the world.

Let’s do this together.


•Examine your beliefs about “me” time
•Create a practice that works for your life & schedule
•Make your commitment to anchor Joy and create your practice
•Receive thought provoking support
•Follow through and be accountable to your sisters via social media.


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