Newly discovered tool: The Cards of Destiny

Carrie JordanLife Design

Playing cards

Divination tools such as tarot, pendulums, runes, and the i ching are all ways to double-check if you’re on path. Often, a reading with divination tools will highly resonate and validate what you were feeling inside. In this way, divination tools always tell us things that we already know on some level—and crafting a good question is the hardest part. If you have a good question, the answer you are presented with will require little interpretation.

After having an amazingly accurate and revealing astrology last week, I heard about The Cards of Destiny. Find your birthdate on the chart where a playing card is assigned to your birthday, and you can read the meaning behind the card. You don’t have to ask a question in this case, so it is extra easy! It is quite a bit like reading your horoscope. The result I got is quite similar to my astrological profile. What is yours?